Gods Rainbow Children


Gods Rainbow Children
Written by Wendy Powers Nugent

Whether you understand or believe it, we are all brothers and sisters made in God’s image. Now the bigger question: what image is that anyway? I have been a spiritual teacher for most of my life. I have had the unique experience of dying during this lifetime on Earth. At the age of 33, I was given an insight to the other side and learned who we are and why we are in this physical body during my death experience. One of the things I came away with from this experience was there is a universal power and mind that governs over all that we do and is there for us to connect directly with so we can navigate this complicated and sometimes cruel world.

There are arguments as to the gender and color of God. Well, I ask you, if we are made in the image of God who is omnipotent and not of a physical body, then there should be no argument, God is not human. He is energy, sometimes known as the Universal Mind, which holds all thoughts and deeds within God’s core soul.

The physical body we walk around in may be of any gender or creed or color as we are all made in God’s image, which is the energy that we carry within our being. Some people see this energy, otherwise known as an aura; naturally, others may need to learn how to see the light that glows from our bodies. The colors that radiate from our souls housed by our physical bodies are the rainbow’s colors, which continually change with our moods, thoughts, and deeds. This is how, without knowing someone, you can sense if they may have good intentions or have negative energy. You may ask, does that mean we may have the destiny to be a negative soul? Sometimes it depends on what you brought with you into this life from your previous experiences on Earth. All lives we experience on the Earth are working through Karma. Some carry over much more negative karma then another, but most certainly, we can learn and move through the negative and evolve to the positive awareness within the life.

Individuals have a mission to evolve through to a higher awareness. Still, collectivity the world of souls on Earth may need to go through a karma while experiencing an evolution of the collective soul.

It seems as though humankind’s lessons are never easy, however certainly not impossible to gain spiritual maturity and merge with the knowledge that lives within the collective consciousness. The rewards are immense once we move through all of our negativity and selfishness. We can then tap into the extrasensory awareness of all. You will now be part of the higher consciousness and no longer carry the lower thoughts of negativity and selfishness in your consciousness. You are now part of the awareness and thoughts of the universal mind of God. Your intuitive perceptions will become strong, and you will not doubt your insights, you will heal and send healing to others with amazing results, You will find your knowing of so many things that you were not even educated in become very clear, and you have an innate understanding with great insights on levels that even people that have degrees in a subject don’t have.

How do you achieve this merging into the God-consciousness and develop your higher self while in this lifetime? You first need to listen to others and have a trust in all that you receive from the higher self. Meditate at least 30 minutes per day. Breathe in deeply and bring your chakras into balance through meditation, prayer, and chakra alignment, which can be done through an aura cleaning. An aura cleaning can be done with someone assisting you or even by yourself. While meditating, breathe the air deeply in-now hold it for a few seconds-now slowly release the air from your lungs very slowly. Now use your hands like scrubbing brushes removing negative thoughts, stress, and worry from your aura. Or you can cup your hands and scoop into your aura, removing the negative energy, whichever you prefer. While doing this, you are in a light Alpha or even in a deep Theta. Now repeat a mantra while cleaning your aura.

“I am balanced, I am well, my aura is clear of negativity, release all of the negative thoughts and feelings from my energy. Release Stress and worry from my aura. Release unwellness and only allow balance and healing of my auric field.”

Be open to change, be well while evolving to the higher levels of awareness, and connect to the wisdom of the Universal Mind of God.

Wendy Powers Nugent

Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Spiritual Counselor. Wendy has been a professional psychic for more than 40 years with proven accuracy. To make an appointment, please call or Text: 248-826-8255
Special Notice: During this Covid19 pandemic, Wendy is not seeing people in her office. However, she is doing Zoom calls or phone readings by appointment.


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