The New Earth


The New Earth
Written by: Wendy Powers Nugent

We have all been inundated with the phrase “The new normal.” Everything we do and think has been forever changed by a virus invisible to the naked eye. We have had to change every habit and thought in a matter of weeks, and now we are in a new paradigm of life.

Why? Now what? Is this God’s will? Is it Karma? Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? So many concerns and so many questions. As a psychic, often these days, I wonder what’s next and why did we not see it coming! Or did we… In many of my readings, I felt things in different time frames than what was thought events should fall. Such as wedding days, events planned, and even finding that someone special. Businesses developing and deals being made all seemed off in timing, but I did not understand why.

One thing we all knew for sure is that we all saw a transformation in the Earth and the souls of humans. Many call it the “Dawn of a new age” or even the Christian “apocalypse.” In general, people expect a rage from the Earth itself or even from the universal Mind in the form of Karma for all of the negative thoughts and deeds for the past few hundred years or so.

I feel it is a new evolution (not Karma, or a payback), and an expansion of the human soul.

We look after others by wearing an uncomfortable mask, changing our wasteful habits, and not expecting everything to be as we want it, much like a spoiled child. Instead, we need to be innovative and resourceful. I have changed how I do business, as many of you have. We need to care for others. We need to stop and reflect on how to better ourselves and help others. Some of you have been forced to think of a different career or business path, and some need to reshape their very life path.

One thing is for sure in all of this: we are looking more and caring for our fellow humans and the Earth we share. It seems as though this virus has forced the 21st century ahead much quicker than we were ready for. I know for my own business, I do readings by Zoom and no longer see clients in person.

As a pastor, I was forced to do services and weddings by Zoom! The thing I miss the most is the hugs. I love to hug people and even give a reverse hug (my front to their back) to transfer health and strength to a weary soul. Did you know that spirits also hug? At least I can still get hugs from spirits. I get goosebumps (positive energy) all over my arms and torso just as if they were in front of me, putting their arms around me in a full-on hug.

Maybe if you need a hug from a loved one who has passed on, shut your eyes, take a deep breath in and release slowly, and ask for your loved one by name to give you a much-needed hug.

You will be surprised, but they will give you a sign or feelings, much like what I receive when I get a hug from spirit.

Our Earth is getting a good cleaning up as the air traffic is diminishing. Vehicle traffic is at a lower volume; we find less pollution by emissions. People are working from home around the world. The boats and cruises are not on the seas as much, so we find our water quality improving. Much good is happening amongst the difficulties of all these changes.
Family life has been improving: Cooking together, playing with our children, and even the kids are getting their heads out of the computers and phones. For the first time in a few decades, I see kids playing outside and so many riding their bikes around the neighborhood.

I am often asked if things will go back to the way they were before the virus. We are evolving, and life will improve and move onward and upward to a cleaner and healthier future living on this beautiful Earth. No matter how it all started, know there is good that will follow this transformation because it is in God’s plan.

Wendy Powers Nugent
Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Spiritual Counselor. She has been a professional psychic for more than 40 years with proven accuracy. To make an appointment, please Text: 248-826-8255 leave your name and that you want to book an appointment to find out more about Wendy and her readings, visit her website:
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