Grounding: Our Embodied Mechanism of Communication


Grounding, the embodied mechanism that puts us in communication with earth’s energy, is key to our development as energetic, sensing beings. Earth’s energy contains information about how we can recover what we have lost: our ability to bring into body the essence of our souls. Embodying this essence is a catalyst for our energetic development.

The theory and practice of Sensology holds a deep knowing that humans are energetic developmental beings. Just as children’s physical development must follow sequenced stages, learning first to crawl, walk, then run, so too must our energetic development. Earth moves energy and information, flowing up to us about how we develop through each energetic stage. If we are not grounded, this cannot occur. When we are grounded, the flow is sequenced and predictable. When we are not, the flow is random, following the path of least resistance in each of us.

The first stage, Soul Self-Entry, begins as we bring our soul essence, composed of organized photon light, into ourselves, our physical form or body. This begins a cascading process of developing our embodied mechanisms, including our body’s energetic centers, or vortexes, which are the basis of health or dysfunction in the body. When this cascading process goes well, the vortexes communicate on a frequency level, something like a radio wave to our DNA. This communication turns on or off the DNA snips which trigger health or trigger physical illness such as autism, cancer, depression.

The way electricity grounds, gives us an important insight into our own relationship to the energy of Earth.
When electricity strikes something that is ungrounded (has no grounding rod), it will go through the structure following the path of least resistance, in an unpredictable fashion. When a structure is grounded, the grounding rod will handle electricity the same way each time, following the predictable same path.

To accomplish our energetic development unfolding in a predictable, sequenced fashion in connections with earth, we also need an oriented grounding mechanism. This mechanism in humans, called a grounding corridor, allows us to interface with the energies here on earth that facilitate the predictable sequenced fashion of human evolution through our DNA and more.

As we begin to awaken to a deeper understanding of our position as energetic developmental beings, we have to release some of our magical thinking.

All life in the Universe- from humans to forests, planets, and stars- follows a developmental process. As we develop our mechanism of communication, we come into relationship (into communication) with our soul essence, then Earth, our solar system and then the galaxy. To imagine that human energetic development is complete at birth, that babies are born with fully developed mechanisms of communication, is to say we are the exception to all other life in the Universe. To awaken to a deeper understanding, we must release magical thinking, leaving us perceiving as babies would, unable to see how we come into relationship with earth, our solar system and galaxy.

To accomplish our energetic development in a predictable sequenced fashion, an oriented grounding mechanism is needed. We can correlate the energies that we would utilize coming into our bodies in regards to electricity when we are grounded by, for example, having a grounding rod (oriented ground in the body) when we interface with the energies here on earth. This facilitates the predictable sequenced fashion of our energetic development in human body form. In human body form, the grounding is oriented at the end of our spinal column. Sometimes at birth, this center is oriented correctly – West on the left side of the body, East on the right side of the body, South to the back of the body, and North to
the front of the body.

This beginning orientation is given at birth from the mother. Sadly, however, since most mothers are not oriented in a grounded fashion way to earth, children’s energetic development is left up to a randomly sequenced process. For example, when the energy comes in, there is no “grounding rod” present to facilitate sequenced energetic development. This lack of grounded orientation to Earth has caused human evolution to change from having the ability to pass on a predictable mechanism of energetic development that is passed on in our DNA.

When grounding at the end of our spinal column is oriented and we interface with energies, that interface follows a predictable sequenced pattern. This sequenced pattern establishes bioelectric pulses in the synapses of the nerves of the spinal column. This pulse grows into a homing beacon for the soul essence. Without this beacon being established, grounding the soul essence, you cannot think of fully coming into your body without the neural synaptic pulse, which comes from an oriented grounding. The body and soul look to synchronize themselves up to something outside of the self, which promises the connection.

However, when our DNA synchronizes to something else, it loses its true ability to connect to earth, the solar system, and ultimately the galaxy. Think of it like a text message – you are connecting, yet really only certain information can be relayed. Texting adds confusion about what the message often means. We could say that this is an unpredictable way of connection. A random connection changes the relationship orientation of the grounding, thus changing the synchronous pulse, which changes the evolution of our DNA and more.

Kiera D. Laike, IRW

Further information about grounding can be found in, The Dance of Reflective Relationship, by Kiera D. Laike, IRW.

A Note from the Sensology Institute Staff: This is the second in a series of 7 articles on Embodied Mechanisms, each describing one of the energetic mechanisms of Embodied Practice and soul orientation. These mechanisms allow our soul to emerge in the body through the gathering of our soul essence photon light from each lifetime. Each mechanism provides another key to unlock the door of our interrelatedness, or oneness, with the Universe. Articles are grounded in Kiera D. Laike’s theory and practice of Sensology (see Sensology has never before been written about, and is not based on any established philosophy or discipline.


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