Quick Tips To Harmonize Your Environments


Imbolc, a Pagan holiday for welcoming the growing hours of daylight and the coming of Spring. It is the best time to start Spring cleaning and refresh the energy in your space like a home blessing or house cleansing.

Below are some quick metaphysical tips to help get you started and that may keep any space of yours running on full blast positive energy.

Sage, Sweetgrass or Palo Santo can be used alone or in combination to cleanse a space of unwanted energy and spirits. This is called smudging.

To smudge, light the end of the bundle, grass or wood and allow it to burn for about 30 seconds before blowing out the flame. Wave the smoke around lightly throughout the environment. You may want to open a window or door to allow the smoke and energy to clear out. Some may use scented incense as an alternative to the herb bundle.

Place Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz in all four corners of the environment, or you can bury the stones on the property in all four corners. Clear Quartz is said to promote positive energy and the Smoky Quartz is said to remove negative energy.

Salt is said to be used to cleanse environments. You can place it on window sills, doorways, or on the outside of the space. Some will spread salt across the property to keep negative energy at bay and to protect it from crossing the space. Common table salt can be used but some may prefer sea salt, black salt, pink Himalayan salt, etc. You can even mix salt with herbs such as sage, lavender, angelica root, etc. Another myth is that red brick dust can be used just like salt to clear out negativity and promote positivity. Some, like myself, may prefer to make their own.

Angelica Root is a common herb said to carry the magical properties of protection. It can be bought at health food stores or metaphysical stores. It can be carried with you in a pouch, vial, or placed around the home.

Sea glass has been known to promote protection and can be placed in an environment in a decorative way to clear out negative energy.

Holy water has been known to help clear out any space. Common holy waters can be purchased or acquired, and may include sea water, salt water, Florida Water or herb infused waters. It can also be made; I make my own. You can also purchase Palo Santo or Sage spray mists.

**Writer’s Note: These tips are based on holistic and metaphysical concepts, are not guaranteed to produce a result.

By Courtney Overfield


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