Happy New Year of New Creation it’s time to live with passion


Hello, my friends,

Hope everyone is loving and enjoying the exercises and awakening we’ve been doing this past year and especially the amazing growth that comes with them. I’m running into more and more of you letting me know how valuable these exercises are for you and I am honored to be able to help you all on your paths. It’s very exciting to hear your growth so please make sure to share your experience with me and others.

Hope your holidays were the greatest and most joyous you have ever experienced. Let’s start the New Year off with a focus on a passion to fuel all you are here to do. It takes passion to propel us to move forward so we will also focus on moving forward.

We can continue with a similar process that we have with a new focus. We will work inward so focus inward as we have in earlier exercises on the flame at the base of the heart chakra. As we did in those exercises, let’s begin with expanding that flame outward until it fills the room.

Now also focus on a red flame just below your belly button. Expand them both out and focus on the red reaching out in front of you as a stairway into the universe. Lean forward slightly with your head, place your tongue to the roof of your mouth and take three deep breathes.

State with conviction to the universe that you are a creator… Focus on the warmth within your heart and just below your belly button expanding even further out… now focus on the back of the heart chakra opening up and the back of the flame just below your belly button blasting a flame outward and let your system connect.

While focusing on fire start with this chant, Ujhnowayvaazh
Now meditate for 11 minutes, set a timer.

Focus on air and begin again with this chant, Jheeaayaha
Now meditate again for 11 minutes.
Don’t worry about a perfect pronunciation just feel the sounds of each letter.

Focus on water and begin again with this chant, kaakuzhvaydha
Now meditate again for 11 minutes.

Focus on Earth and begin again with this chant, Manuahtuhayumm
Now meditate again for 11 minutes and focus entirely on your true path.

Switch this up every day, one day do them all together, the next day split each part up at different times of the day. Do the first when you wake in the morning, second midday and third before bedtime. Switch it up as many different ways as you can come up with. Let your self feel the expansion and connection.

As always, it is very important to read and share this as much as possible it will help you, your path, your awakening, your enlightenment and your truest service to the Universe.

Remember I am here to help support you and your growth so if you have any questions go to www.beyond1111.com or www.facebook.com/toddstockwell/. You can also e-mail me at serendipitylightcenter@yahoo.com or by phone at 734-740-9110.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your progress.

Exciting news, I will be doing special group awakening sessions done as a wonderful guided meditation that will be specific for New Paradigm shifts as they are taking place (twice a month at) 6th Sensation in Westland, MI. So Thursday, January 17th at 7:30 pm and Thursday, January 31st at 7:30 pm.

I will also have a booth and will be doing special empowerments and healing sessions this month at Michigan Psychic Fair in Livonia, MI and in Farmington Hills, MI.

Be sure to check my Facebook page for exact locations. Also, remember the majority of my work is remote work so you can also contact me by phone and set up work without having to go anywhere.

Light, Love, and Service!!! Todd Stockwell


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