Power of the Mind


Here we are again in a fresh new year; you’re getting ready to start the year off with all your ambitions and hopes laid out before you — through your resolutions. Oh…I know you don’t make resolutions anymore… you and I know why. They just don’t pan out as the year comes halfway into the first quarter; we feel defeated so we fall into our old habits or disappointments. STOP! Don’t even think this way.

Do you realize that you have all the power within you to change your life! I mean really change your health, aging, and even circumstance of your life — all through your mind! I teach different types of meditation, one of which is creating. Yes, you can create through your meditation which is even more powerful than storyboarding or affirmations. There is a saying and it is most true, “You are what you think.” Or, in the case of you taking control, let’s change that to, “Think what you will be.” Then you will have control of your destiny.

Throughout this past year, I have sent many people to a hypnotherapist to help them get in control of their lives. Many people get caught up in a difficult mindset brought on by a circumstance in their life, or even from a past life, or through a constant sadness or maybe feeling defeated and can’t seem to clear themselves from difficult thoughts.

The reason I send my clients to a hypnotherapist is so that they can — through the subconscious mind — review the thought that is holding them back from living their life to the fullest. Then they heal it and file it back into the subconscious mind. Once that is done, they have a clean slate to work from and now will accomplish their goals. Learning about creation through meditation, you can get started on a new career, feel better about your current career, and lose or gain weight. You can feel in control of your body and slow down the aging process through feeling that you are young in body and mind. Yes, it is all what you create.

Here’s one example of this. I had a client that had gone through a great deal this past year. She came in for a reading and looked defeated and tired, claiming she felt that she had aged 10 years through her stress. She was slumped over and distressed as I started the reading, looking into what was happening in her now and in her future which at that point was defeat and ill health. Unfortunately, some people set their own defeat by expecting it. I told her she was going to beat this situation and by the way, didn’t look a day older than last time I saw her the year before. Amazingly, she perked up and almost started to glow, her thoughts moved to a positive process thinking about her situation and knew what she needed to do to resolve her issue.

Myself, I have gone through so many health issues that the doctors in their limited thoughts on my health say that I would not improve or even worse, they had given me a death sentence on three occasions! Well, every time I proved them wrong by using the power of my mind — rethinking my health and mortality. When I create in meditation, I think what I want and believe it to be true; such as seeing every cell in my body in perfect harmony and reproducing at their optimal level.

In 1973, I had the most wonderful experience attending a class called, Silva Mind Control, now called, The Silva Method, founded by Jose Silva. One of the many things taught during this life-changing weekend was this — do not accept negative thoughts or you will let them become your reality. Example: someone tells you everyone is catching a cold, so you’re next!

Silva teaching is to tell your mind to cancel that thought by repeating ‘cancel’ twice, “Cancel-Cancel.” This is sending your mind the message that it will not accept the “everyone knows” narrative. When you are nervous, fearful of reaching out to someone for any reason, completing a test, going for a job interview, or just trusting in your own psyche, you can stop the fearful narratives that run through your mind.

Replace the negative thought or fearful thought with what you instead desire. See it be your reality and believe it. You have heard of the old saying, “Fake it until you make it.” Well, this runs along that same thought process. “You are what you think,” is another well-known saying — and so right! You can have the year you have been waiting for by simply envisioning it. Believe in it and do not doubt that you are in control, and you are now in the new beginnings of your life path.


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