Healing and Blessing Your Food


Have you ever picked a piece of fruit off a vine or tree and bit right into it; experienced its perfect ripeness bursting with aliveness and flavor? Have you tasted organic vegetables picked fresh from the garden? Have you ever dug clams out of the mud, pulled crabs out of the ocean and cooked them over a fire before they even needed refrigeration? These are foods full of life and flavor, energy and potency, tender and delicious. This is how food was created to be.

The food on our groceries shelves has little resemblance to fresh food. It is old, chemically treated, genetically modified, etc. However, I am grateful that we have it and I would love to share some little secrets for refreshing this old food so it carries more of its natural gifts to your table and your pallet!

All living things have an angel that carries the essence of their truest expression of life. You can call on the angel of what you are eating or drinking and invite it to work with God, the earth and sun to heal, bless and re-energize your food and water. Then when you eat and drink you can be truly nourished and energized too!

Try the exercise below and experience the difference. Once you’re experienced, it takes only a moment or two.

1- Breath into your body and give yourself a big hug inside, like the best hug you ever had; all the way down to your toes and up to the top of your head. This brings you into your body and the present moment so you can be a focus for healing.

2- Allow your breath to carry your focus of attention into the middle of your chest and your heart chakra. Invite your heart chakra to open to unconditional love.

3- Place your hands a few inches to the left and right of your food or drink with the palms facing toward your food and drink.

4- Breathing into your heart and body, open your heart and silently acknowledge the angel of each item and thank it for the wonderful, life giving qualities of each different food or drink. Give thanks for them and for the earth and the sun that nurtured them. (You may also add the farmers, truckers and grocers that brought them to you.)

5- Ask angels, earth, sun and God to forgive the long time since they were harvested and any non-organic or unloving practices that brought them to you.

6- Ask that the food and drink be healed better than if they had been fully ripened, organically raised and freshly harvested, loved and respected; that they be filled with the love, joy, flavor and nutrition that their angel carries as the true expression of their life.

If you are eating someone else’s cooking, give thanks for the cooks and servers; ask that any unloving energy from them be cleared.

7- Breathe into your body and open to the responding energy which will bless and heal your food and drink. Give thanks for the gift of nourishment and the healing gifts you have received through this work.

If you are the shopper and the cook, you can do this while you are cooking, or even bless the full refrigerator and everything in it once you put your groceries away. Request that the food stay fresh and unspoiled until eaten. Then you can enjoy the benefits throughout the week as you prepare your meals! Also do your pitcher of filtered water.

It makes a huge difference to your energy, vitality and joy when what you eat and drink is filled with life, energy and joy! The gift of food and drink can be so easily taken for granted. It can almost as easily be honored, blessed and healed; and in so doing you honor, bless and heal yourself and those you feed.

Eating is the receiving of a life given by another. Some think the life of vegetables is not as much of a loss as that of animals. For me, since I’ve had amazingly enlightening conversations with plants, as well as with animals, I don’t really see the difference. To live, we take life. Honoring that life is an important act for our evolution of soul, in addition to being an important gift to ourselves and those we feed. It raises our consciousness beyond simple need when we offer respect for the eternal nature of all things.

Each living thing has a soul which is eternal. The death of that thing frees the soul to return to its natural environment in spirit. That too is a gift, greater than the loss of the life here on earth. So when you bless your food, you honor that eternal spirit. The angel present within each food item will carry your blessing to the spiritual soul of the food while it blesses what you eat. This is truly a mutual gift and blessing that can warm your soul with gratitude for another day of being nourished in your life.

by Eve Wilson


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