Healing Meditations by Chrissie Blaze


With love and joy, the multi-talented Chrissie Blaze has brought forth 2 brand new publications and just in time to share them with those you care about for the holidays, or any reason for that matter. Healing Meditations: blessings for the heart and Healing Prayers: blessings from the heart are the latest offerings from the inspiring author of 11 published books which include Power Prayer (co-author, Gary Blaze) and Deeper into Love. In Healing Prayers, you will find prayers written by Chrissie Blaze, Gary Blaze, Dr. George King, Marianne Williamson and a myriad of other poets & spiritual leaders; those we recognize and some we only know as anonymous filling this portable volume of heart touching words you will want to read over and over again. Meditation can help us to focus as well as help us to harmonize our brains and bodies and addressing these needs is Healing Meditations in which Chrissie has provided us with 30 meditations to aid us with grief, hope, abundance, and love along with 26 other topics. You’ll have your favorites in no time and find yourself wanting to share these experiences with others. So be sure to pick up extra copies of both Healing Prayers and Healing Meditations by Chrissie Blaze when you place your order, which you can do at www.amazon.com and may they bring you joy and peace.


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