Season Greetings From Your Loved Ones!


Is this time of year hard on you? Are you missing those loved ones who have crossed over, missing the presence they had in your life? I want you to know that your loved ones still love you, watch over you and are listening to you when you talk with them. I often feel my Mom around me, and it always makes me smile knowing she is with me. She was an amazing woman who raised 11 children, God bless her!

She gave up a career as a ballerina and devoted her life to her family. She always did her best for everyone. She was my hero and I do miss her physical presence but am thankful for her spiritual presence in my life.

Many times I’ve wished I had done things differently, like being a better child. Even as an adult I was not and am not perfect. Thankfully, I always had that love from her, and for her. I know many people can relate with the feeling of not doing enough. I know my Mother would not want me to feel that way. I know that Spirits in general want their loved ones to be happy.

Oftentimes, people come to me because they feel as though they should have done more or said something, or said something differently; or just feel that they messed up in some way. The answer from their loved ones is always of love with no bad feelings or grudges.

Even though your loved ones are not here in the physical form, they are still with you. If you sit quietly YOU can feel their presence and their love for you. Let that love fill you, let it fill every cell in your body and resonate outward. You may feel like you are making it up; just trust in what you are getting. Remember the smile, the laugh and the joy they brought with them. What were some of their favorite things to do?

Have you ever felt as though a loved one has visited you in a dream and it seemed very real, but how can that be possible? Sometimes our loved ones come to us in our dreams and we think it was just a dream. Spirits visit us in dreams because our conscious mind is sleeping, and the sensors we have up when we are awake are not blocking the information.

Know that they will always be there for you even if you don’t see them; they still love and care about you. May your Holidays be blessed, may your spirits be bright and may you always feel the love of those that have crossed over!

Carole Grace is an International Psychic and Evidential Medium, HTCP, Reiki Master, Instructor. Carole treats this work as sacred and seeks only the best for those who come to her for readings, energy work and instruction. She will tell you what she is seeing, feeling and hearing.


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