How Reiki Finds You


By Diane DeBlois

About a decade ago, I reunited with a childhood friend. We started by getting to know each other again with lunches and talks over tea – this was the start of my first lesson in Reiki. She was a gossip and enjoyed drama; at that time in my life, I was too. However, when she introduced me to energy healing, the world of Reiki, things began to get foggy. My place during this time was as a tarot reader. That was what I was told. The energy of tarot reading was not suitable for me, and Reiki knew that.

Suddenly, I was knee-deep in books about holistic health. These texts mainly explained Chi and Ki and how to send that energy to people needing healing. While starting out using this method, I found myself drained and used up. Chi and Ki come from our own life source, and I needed to find another way to help the people I was being called to touch.

My first teacher, now that I was overcoming my challenges and learning with less room for gossip and drama, left me without a moment’s notice. I had found myself meeting a Reiki practitioner, creating a friendship that must’ve scared my old friend… but I could not focus on why she left; that is what I know now.

An important lesson to all of you on your life journeys: People will leave your life on your quest to find yourself; it’s a normal occurrence.

This new teacher knew the difference between Reiki and Ki, and the more I sat with her; I knew classes were on their way. Reiki knew that too. I began taking classes from an instructor that Reiki led me to directly. I was learning so much more and enjoying this new part of my life. Reiki, in specifics, is a way to channel Universal Life Force Energy with no intention attached. Being a student of this art form, I was on a path of expansion and growth. Physically, mentally, and spiritually… and no gossip!

As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It doesn’t mention that the teacher is bound to leave when you surpass their level of knowledge. Lesson one, back at it again!

Three other teachers found me where I am today, and for four to five years now, I have been learning, exchanging values and compassion, and, most importantly, growing. Those who were right in my life, Reiki found for me. We even have a name for our small group – The Reiki Elders.

I told myself if I became a Teacher of Reiki, I would never leave my students if they had yet to fully leave the nest; I would not let myself leave them on their journey, causing them strife and anguish. I live by this rule, which has proven to be an effective way to keep in touch with the community.

Living with the Reiki Principles in mind, I would find myself no longer needing the drama and gossip:

Just for today …

  1. I will not be angry…
  2. I will not worry…
  3. I will do my work honestly…
  4. I will be grateful for my blessings…


  1. Will be kind to all beings.

Now I am a decade older, wiser, and even still a student of Reiki. This energy has taught me to live again and let go of my ego to embrace a Reiki Lifestyle. It has guided me through many difficult times in my life, continues to be exciting, and has changed my life.

I look forward to the next decade and do so with great anticipation and humility. Reiki found me, and I found myself – choosing to be better and continue learning to be even greater.

Diane DeBlois

Diane is available for Psychic readings via phone or in person at Wick and Candle Metaphysical Gallery and Gifts. She teaches Holy Fire® III Reiki Classes on the first & last Sunday monthly via Zoom. She is a Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire® III Karuna Master, Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki Master, and Psychic Medium,


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