Hypnosis Q & A with Cheryl Beshada C.M. Ht.


Hypnotherapy is the art of using the hypnotic state to elicit positive change and improvement in beliefs, behaviors
and physical conditions. Below are answers that may help you understand hypnosis better and decide if it is right for you!


Q: What types of things can I accomplish with Self Hypnosis?

A: Self Hypnosis is easily taught and is a wonderful resource in so many ways. It is said that 5 minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to a one-hour nap. Even if you only have two minutes from start to finish, it is the quickest and easiest form of stress relief. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this best-kept secret.

Stress Management Many people from all walks of life use self-hypnosis as a mid-day power nap. Two to five minutes a day works wonders on the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Prior to Meditation

Many people would love to learn to meditate but find great difficulty in clearing the mind and/or lasting in a meditative state for even a short period of time. Self-hypnosis can help you enter a level of meditation in mere seconds and then use the remainder of the time to use the various methods you’ve been taught.

  • Prior to Prayer, “Be still and know ….”

I have found prayer to be more meaningful when I begin with a clear mind and a heightened level of focus. 

Taking a few seconds to clear my mind with self-hypnosis prior to prayer helps me to connect at a much deeper level.

  • Prior to Using Affirmations

Clearing the mind prior to saying your daily affirmations can make them seem more meaningful. It is so much different than just reciting a litany of one’s wants and needs.  

  • Mental Rehearsal for Sports Performance, Confidence, Driving, etc.

Today’s athletes use self-hypnosis to mentally rehearse their sports performance to perfection. We teach our clients the same techniques to help them overcome their fears and phobias as well as improve in sports, confidence, and with public speaking.

  • Study, Focus and Test Taking

Students can be taught to study in a level of self-hypnosis and have a heightened state of memory while taking exams.

Looking for a Professional Hypnotherapist?

To find a hypnotist in your area who is skilled in teaching self-hypnosis, visit our website at www.ClinicalHypnosisInstitute.com and go to the Find a Hypnotist tab to find a hypnotherapist near you.

The Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group is a Directory of individuals that have maintained the Continuing Education Units or requirements specified by the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group (CHPG). to ensure top-notch services.


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