How To Get Through The Holidays and Stay Happy


There are so many words to describe Happiness, there’s Gratitude, Love, Joy, Delight, Enjoyment, Good Fortune, Well-Being and there’s another side! How do we stay happy when some of us have experienced loss in relationship to the holidays? With family and friends, this is a huge dilemma.

I have found that life can be beautiful if you stay in the mindset of happiness. Many have experienced the loss of loved ones during the holiday season and this may prove difficult to stay positive and happy. Here at Michigan Psychic Fair we Psychics can help you start the New year out right helping you change your life into a New Year for a New You.

One of the ways we can change our lives to become more positive and loving is to talk to a psychic to see if we are on the right path, there is no wrong path, although sometimes we pick too quickly and then may regret that; but if you talk to a psychic they can help you make your decision more positive in a direction with more loving and caring.

We can’t change yesterday, but what we can do is mentally erase all our hurts from the past, moment by moment and try and find something that would make us happy. Sometimes it’s a learned energy, an energy you can see it in your mind’s eye, you can feel, you could touch.

In meditation, if we sit quietly and try to feel what happiness is Picture past experiences, feel the emotion repeatedly till you get it to the point that you can put a smile on your face and it just won’t stop.

I am a love attraction person. I believe like attracts like. Getting through the holidays can be very difficult or can give one the happiest time of your life, it all depends on your perspective, please come and see us at Michigan Psychic Fair we have dates and times on our website


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