I Am a Healer – You Are a Healer


By Laura Moody

When I started my spiritual journey and learned about the unseen world and the energy around us, I was healing people with physical ailments. I would quiet my mind to visualize their body and the place of inflammation or disease and see a white light and green light spinning around that area. I would see pain going away and everything being perfectly restored. I was channeling healing through me, and many were saying the pain was gone. At that time, I was married to a Chiropractor and healer named Greg. He would tell me that he had to forget his education in order to heal others. He wanted to just be a conduit so that he could channel this energy. He was amazing, and he truly had a gift. During our time together, I forgot that I, too, could be a healer. In the world of Reiki Masters, Pranic healers, and many other masters, I felt unqualified.

I had not taken any courses and had no medical background, so I stopped healing. The best I could do was direct them to someone like Greg and stick with what I could do, like psychic readings and mediumship. Sometimes I would say a prayer.

In the book “Why the Woo Woo Works” by David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., it is stated that people who received energy healing of any kind from someone they knew did 67% better during their cancer treatment than someone receiving nothing at all. So if we who have love and intent can send this energy, will it work? I believe it can! We all carry a spark of energy; it’s in our DNA, and with intent and practice, we, too, can be a healer! Have you ever entered a room where everyone is laughing, smiling, and feeling upbeat?

That energy is contagious. It is hard not to feel it and be swept away into it. It is the same with energy healing.

Here is a simple meditation that you can start with.

See yourself sitting in a forest; the weather is perfect, the birds are singing, and you feel a sense of calmness around you. Now imagine a being of light joining you in the forest. It could be an angel, a spirit guide, or an ascended master; ask that this being channel healing into your hands. Now focus on a loved one, co-worker, friend, or neighbor and send healing from your hands to them. Visualize that the energy you just received goes directly from your hands to theirs. See the area or their entire body coming into harmony and affirm that they are healed. Send this person all the love you can and affirm that they are receiving love and light and coming into harmony.

Repeat this meditation as often as you feel the need to. Let the person know that you are sending healing towards them if you feel it would be accepted.

Many studies suggest that we have something in our chemistry that releases a chemical that sends healing to our bodies.

I do believe this and also know that our thoughts hold power. Keep your thoughts high, and know that we have everything we need within us. I invite you on a journey of healing with me.
Consider that many receive healing when others say. “no way it is doomed .”Just as we cannot see electricity, it still works, and we have light. I believe it is the same with energy healing. Each of us can do it along with medical treatment and Western medicine. So, affirm with me that you are a healer, and let’s start sending healing to anyone who crosses our path!

Laura Moody is a psychic medium, energy healer, pet psychic, owner of Rock Your World Crystal Store in Livonia, Michigan, and organizer of Rock Your World Psychic & Holistic Expos and Fairs. We invite you to visit one of our expos and receive an energy healing reading or come and browse with our many vendors.


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