I Want to Live to 95! How About You?


It is about Attitude and Choices:

Harriett Thompson, at 92 years old, was the oldest woman to finish a marathon! She finished the Rock ’n Roll Marathon in San Diego in just over seven hours and twenty minutes. Harriet is the perfect example of how to be and feel young despite age. How did she accomplish this amazing goal? Well, I think I may have some ideas:

1. Harriett surprised herself, and possibly others, with her unique vision of her future. She created it and then acted it out! She thought out of the box and lived the life SHE WANTED. She BELIEVED she was physically and mentally prepared to meet her goal.

2. Harriett was physically up to the challenge. She was able to walk, to stretch, and she trained or practiced. When I have researched how to be flexible and have good bone density into our 90’s, I have read that good posture and a brisk 30-minute walk daily builds the bone density and balance reflexes that reduce the impact of falls and injuries in later years. Plus walking, especially in the sunlight with vitamin D benefits, clears the mind of so much clutter. This activity can increase creativity and reduce stress and even depression — the all-time burdens and downers!

Start Early—Encourage your Children and Grandchildren:

Get those kids away from gaming and phones. Their posture, when on these devices for lengthy periods of time, compromises health by its forward tilt of the head and prolonged use. We feel it ourselves. My neck, shoulders and lower back ache when I am using these devices way too long. Walking, talking, or being still, in nature or even walking in a busy town, encourages us to breathe, notice animals and nature’s changes, as well as allows us to move our magnificent muscles.

Living longer involves using our gift of imagination and power to know we can accomplish goals, feeling joy in our accomplishments, getting rid of negative thinking, and using our bodies to build muscles and enhance our balance.

And why not encourage others to begin now, and you begin where you are at now? It is not rocket science to feel young and capable. It is about enjoying ALL stages of life and building a vision with love, patience, perseverance, and believing it is possible.


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