Magic of Reiki: Pain Control & Healing


By Christine Fodor

This month we’re taking a break from the tools found in, “The Ten Keys to Total Freedom,” to talk about the Magic of Reiki for Pain Control & Healing. I’ve done so many modalities and these are by far my favorites. Many people are familiar with Reiki or have heard of it. It’s not just something that massage therapists do, because it’s not a massage at all. It’s really something anyone can learn and use every day. And I’m sure many of you who have already use Reiki have many amazing stories, this one is part of mine.

Reiki is a Japanese healing touch modality that can be performed on or off the body, flowing energy like a conduit from Source to the recipient, which could be yourself or someone else. These are my words to greatly simplify a wonderful healing modality with a deep history. For the purposes of this article, I’m choosing to focus on my personal experience rather than a full history and explanation of Reiki. I do teach various Reiki classes so if you’d like to learn more I’m always happy to answer questions and share about one of my favorite subjects. For this article, I’d like to share the Magic of Reiki in my life.

I found Reiki when I was sick and western medicine wasn’t providing any long-term solutions, except drugs. I knew there had to be something else out there that could help. Now I use Reiki every day on myself, friends, family, and clients. Technically, we can say that Reiki promotes relaxation. Since I’m also a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, I can also say that the physiological effects of pain and stress on the body exacerbate the psychological and physical symptoms. Therefore, reducing stress can also help reduce those effects. I have seen Reiki reduce pain and symptoms many times in my own life.

Some people may believe that an energy healer or Reiki Master should not have any health issues. Since we haven’t found immortality, it’s safe to say that our physical bodies do have an expiration date eventually. And physical bodies often do require physical intervention. I believe in all of it (western medicine, eastern medicine, homeopathic, alternative) in a combination that best serves the health and well-being of each person. That’s what works for me. I have overcome many health issues, including long-term chronic conditions, and have been able to live a life of wellness to the best of my ability and Reiki is an integral contribution.

Recently I found myself in need of extensive dental work, re-doing old dental work plus new with root canals, crowns, etc. This has been an ongoing process since February, with more to go. And I don’t use pain medications. I have been able to tolerate the procedures and pain mostly with Reiki. Some may think, “Well, why didn’t the Reiki heal it in the first place?” If Reiki could repair all the cracks in the tooth, that would be great! Like healing a broken bone automatically, that would be great! It may happen. Jesus did it. It’s possible. Until we can achieve that level of healing, Reiki is a great tool to help with pain and healing. I will use medications when I need them, but personally, I don’t tolerate them well. If you need medications, use them. I do require thyroid medication to live so I am grateful for modern medicine, and modern dentistry. God made all of this available for us too.

I know that the Reiki did not keep me from having to get dental work but it sure helped the process, like running Reiki while in the dentist’s chair to calm myself and start healing right away. And I can tell you that I have had some miraculous healings. I was once diagnosed with adenomyosis but when they went to check it, it was gone. And when I had to get another mammogram to check a problem area, there was nothing there. I did Reiki every day and whatever it was seemed to magically go away. So I’ve heard at least twice the medical staff say “I don’t know what they were looking at, there’s nothing there.” Yay Reiki!

So, whether you are looking to heal personally, improve pain or symptoms, help family members or just be in a more relaxed state of mind, consider Reiki. And if you are already a Reiki Master, consider the possibility of Karuna Reiki® Master with eight more symbols for more Reiki energy. I love it! And I love teaching it! (Karuna Reiki® Master class in June!)

Reiki has made such a huge difference in my life. I would like to invite you to consider the gift of Reiki for yourself or your loved ones, whether it’s receiving a session, joining a Reiki Wellness program, or taking a class. I hope it enhances your life and living even more than it has mine. Many Reiki blessings to you! Christine Fodor


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