Integrative Health Retreat for Cancer Care


The Judith L. Rogers Integrative Health Society for Cancer Care is a new wellness organization founded by Nikki Rogers, a teacher and yoga instructor, named in honor of her mother, Judith Rogers, and is a representation of her families numerous fights with cancer. The mission of the budding organization, is to assist cancer patients in connecting social support, meditation, holistic therapies and appropriate movement through intermediaries such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness into their medical treatment plan. The Judith Rogers Health Society for Cancer Care is holding its first annual Cancer Care Retreat this summer.

The Cancer Care Retreat will take place August 23-25 at Camp Wathana in Holly, MI. For more information please contact Nikki Rogers at (248) 397-4653 or at Online registration is at

About The Judith L. Rogers Integrative Health Society for Cancer Care
The Judith L. Rogers Integrative Health Society for Cancer Care supports integrative medicine by branching medical facilities with holistic, and whole body practitioners. The purpose of the organization is to serve cancer patients by providing skills that relieve anxiety, fatigue, pain and other side effects from cancer treatment. Examples of these practices include mindfulness and MBSR, yoga, Qigong, chiropractics, acupuncture, nutrition, massage and other forms of whole body/mind wellness practices. More information can be found at

About Campfire Southeast Michigan
Campfire Southeast Michigan is The Judith L. Rogers Integrative Health Society for Cancer’s first official partner. Camp Fire Southeast Michigan Council (SEM) has been strengthening families and communities for over 100 years through engaging youth and their families in the club model and using curriculum that specifically targets the areas of Diversity, Teamwork, Environmental Consciousness and Leadership. In this day of diminishing family engagement and hard economic times, Camp Fire has opportunities for families to participate in low-cost or free community activities, learn valuable life skills, build lasting friendships, and have fun.


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