Stress Reduction During Tough Times.


Attitudinal Healing Principle #1: The Essence of our Being is LOVE.

As we go through tough times, it might appear that it is more challenging for us to stay in a peaceful place. This is the time when our Love essence is even more important to be aware of for ourselves and for other people. Attitudinal Healing is a psychological and spiritual process of changing our minds in order to reduce stress and open our hearts to love so we can give and receive support and feel more peace of mind. The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing are a guide for us to use, daily, even hourly, to stay out of our fear base and have more inner peace, and less stress. Principle #1 is about helping us to experience our Love essence and peace of mind.

Being more mindful of our Love essence and how our body feels while in a peaceful situation or in a conflict / fear base is a way to experience our mind-body connection and our ability to choose peace and healing. Why do we want to do this? A lot of research shows that stress is a major cause of health issues and that people who make mind-body healing part of their daily habits can benefit from: stress reduction and slowing the aging process, have decreased illness, and less reliance on drugs for healing. With more inner peace we are more likely to not miss work or social activities due to mental problems such as anxiety, depression or other illnesses.

Where do we start? Let’s take a look at the essence of our being, LOVE.

Love Base
If you will think back to a time when you saw a very young infant…do you doubt that that small child was full of love? Can you see the love in their eyes looking at you or their parent? That is the essence of each of us. Essence means the core of our being or our fundamental nature…this is truly who we are…what everyone is, even if they don’t seem to act like it. We can learn “to see differently”, that love is a given, a permanent energy in the universe and in each human being; it is our natural state.

What are some expressions of love? For example: kindness, caring, respect, honesty, being supportive, friendship, smiles, understanding, communication, listening, forgiveness, unity, etc. These are experienced when we are in our Love Base…connected to our Spirit. A thought of LOVE, then the feeling of LOVE, is where an act of LOVE begins, so thoughts of LOVE are very powerful and energetically connect us all and bring us to a more peaceful place.
Think Love ► Feel Love ► Act Love = Change your mind, change your life!

Fear Base
As we grow up, we learn to block that Love Essence through judgments and criticisms we experience and the feelings of: blame, guilt, comparisons, separation, anger, frustration, jealousy, shame, to name a few. These are all the opposite of LOVE. They are all Fear Based attitudes, that initiate undesirable actions, in ourselves or from others, which we experience when we are connected to our earthly EGO (Edging God Out). This thinking has been learned…so it can be unlearned.

Please do not despair because of one’s limitations on experiencing this principle to its fullest. It is a process. As we become more mindful and pay attention and stop to connect with our Spirit we strengthen our awareness of LOVE within ourselves, remembering our natural state…and can become more aware of the love essence in others, also. Try to recognize both love base and fear base actions in others which is sometimes easier to see than in our selves.
When I experience anger from another, I try to remember to open my heart and respond from my love essence (as soon as I can, sometimes that is minutes or hours later) and that can bring me inner peace. And as we see love expressed from others, it reflects our own love essence back to us, as we are all connected through LOVE.
Please, remember, what we focus on expands in our life. Do you want to focus on your stress? Why not focus on loving ourselves and others to find inner peace and reduce stress! And don’t forget to laugh every day! Try it!

Coaching tip:
Start your day with a few moments / minutes of deep breathing, opening your heart, and being in connection with loving thoughts and meditation…to experience LOVE as the intention for your day. Give 1-3 acts of LOVE every day. Thoughts of LOVE, smiles, touching, all count as acts of LOVE! And even if how you act is not readily accepted or noticed by others, it is your awareness and giving of love that matters.
Affirmation: “I have the power to choose love and inner peace and embrace the light today.”

No matter the question…Love is THE Answer…moment by moment!

Susan Thiem has been a trainer and coach for over 15 years and is the Executive Director of the Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing which has served the Detroit community for over 20 years. They offer Free, weekly, support groups, social activities and workshops. Susan is dedicated to supporting individuals to experience inner peace through changing their minds, reducing stress, thinking positively, and trusting in their spiritual connection for guidance and wisdom. She encourages people to experience gratitude, love, peace, joy and laughing every day!


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