Intuition Saved My Life!


A voice in my head said, “Get a mammogram!” So I made an appointment and found out I had breast cancer. “I found it early.” “That voice saved my life.” My client looked at me and said, “I am sure glad I listened.” We’ve all had situations when our gut feelings overruled our thoughts. Sometimes we listen to that still, small voice, other times we do not. Often, when we ignore our feelings, we later find out that we could have avoided a situation if we would have only listened to our ‘gut’.

Our emotions many times rule our decisions, and we often find ourselves blocked from getting the answers we need regarding our life. This is where a psychic comes in. A good psychic will assist in helping you find the answers that will be beneficial to your life. A good professional will help by channeling loving, non-judgmental energy from your angels and spirit guides. A good reader will give you the necessary tools to reach your goals and help by empowering you to stay up and be positive.

I believe that ‘bad’ information should never be given without a way out. Our guides simply do not work that way. Our angels and guides are always working to help us correct anything that is out of balance in our lives. If a reader sees a problem or challenge in your life, they should help you with a strategy to get past it and through it. A reader should never create fear or distress. I believe that my clients should feel better after a reading with me, not worse. My goal is to always assist with helpful information so that my client can move forward in life, and not feel stuck.

So, here are a few guidelines in selecting a psychic for a reading. First and foremost, follow your gut; if you feel comfortable with the reader, that is usually a good sign. Second, ask the reader what their skill set is. Example: You may want to get a reading with a clairvoyant if you want someone to peer into a situation, where a medium may not be the best choice. Third, look for references and reviews; ask your friends if they have had any readings with the reader. Fourth, select a reader that is reasonably priced, do not go over your budget.

Avoid any readers that insist you must see them and only them. Be wary of anyone who asks you to continually come back to ‘heal’ you or ‘clear’ you of negative energy. Be cautious of anyone who tells you that you must purchase something additional to be happy, or healthy. Again, a good reader can suggest but should never insist that you must do something to be enlightened or prosperous, happy, or successful.

We carefully screen our psychics at the Michigan Psychic Fair, and we work with readers who love people and are compassionate. Our readers drive many miles to come to our fairs to offer their gifts and to serve. I encourage you to come and experience a reading with myself or one of my quality readers. Our fairs are fun and informative. We have a variety of readers. We have mediums, pet psychics, clairvoyants, and channels. We also have body and energy healers. Our fairs are throughout metro Detroit. See our ad for upcoming schedules. We look forward to seeing you!



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