Simply being present, as a spiritual being having a physical experience, isn’t enough when it comes to living a fulfilled life. If you’re wondering why you’re not happy and haven’t figured out your life’s purpose yet, perhaps it’s because you can’t get what you want without knowing what that is. I mean, really knowing what you want.

Think about it this way. No matter how hungry a person may be, if they walk into a restaurant and take a seat, but don’t follow through by placing an order, they’ll simply remain sitting there, unsatisfied.

The Universe is filled with a limitless amount of abundance, and it’s simply waiting for you to place your order. Many people may anguish over the fact that they don’t have this or don’t have that. But, how many people consciously even know what it is that stirs them at the core of their being? What fills them with the highest sense of joy and accomplishment? And, how can you complain about not having something that you can’t even readily identify?

What do YOU want from life? You may think that you know, but do you really? It’s not enough to simply want a happy and fulfilling life. Each person’s definition of a “happy” life is different from the next because we are all here for a distinct purpose. The goal is to go within to connect with the answer. To determine what calls to you. They label it a “calling” for a reason.

Sometimes it requires serious reflection to determine whether what you want has a deeper meaning behind it. For example, someone wanting a fancy sports car may end up getting it, only to find that they are still feeling a sense of need. The most appropriate question when wanting something in your life, is asking, “What do I truly believe, having that item (job, relationship, etc.) in my life will do for me?”

The person who wanted that fancy car may have actually been looking to satisfy a need for adventure. Or, perhaps they felt a deep desire for the financial security that comes with being able to afford such an item. Maybe they believed that by owning this car, they would attract the right people into their lives.

You see, when you take a closer look at the initial desire, you can begin to determine the answer to what you really want from life. But, how, you may ask, can I do this? This noisy world can cause a person to so deeply associate with the physical side of their being that they lose sight of their spiritual side. In the confusion, a sense of longing sets in, without a clear understanding of why.

Like an internal compass, we are naturally drawn to a calling. Unless you set aside time to connect with your Higher Self and shut out the noise around you, the answers will remain out of reach. It all begins with silent reflection — something that so many people have virtually eliminated from their lives.

When we tap into the wisdom of silence, we stop engaging our conscious minds and begin to hear the whispers of guidance that are always present, but rarely heard.

So, what do you want from life? What is your true calling? Why not make a decision to regularly escape the noise, enter into silence and ask yourself, “What fills me with joy?” “What am I so passionate about, that the mere thought ignites a fire within me?” Once you’ve uncovered the answer, moving in that direction will be the easiest and most rewarding adventure you’ll ever experience.


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