Is NET for You?


We know by now that mind, body, soul, and emotions are all connected. For example, anger has been linked to cancer and emotional stress to health problems. And, many times, this emotional energy can stay stuck in our body, mind, and emotions, congealing way after the original trigger of the stress of the original event is gone. When our bodies fail to release this stuck energy, we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, phobias, patterns of behaviors, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias and chronic physical problems and pains.

I’m happy to announce I’ve become certified in a new approach called, “Neuro-Emotional Technique” (registered trademark), also called “NET” to identify and help you release stuck energy throughout your body, mind, spiritual and emotional energy so you can lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, connecting with the Divine and becoming self-actualized.

If a person is in a weakened state due to poor emotional coping skills, stress or physical trauma, and lack of connection with the Divine, everyday stress may tend to get stuck and congeal. Then, when any of the above are triggered by a similar past experience or even a part of that past experience, the old pattern can be triggered and actually light-up the right side of the parahippocampus of the brain as shown by fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). After NET the hippocampus no longer lights up. Then, like a computer program, we react on that program based on past experience. However, to us, it seems new.

Rarely is the triggering link between the past event and the present situation recognized. Using NET can help identify the stuck energy of unresolved emotional events which causes negative patterns of acting out, and help you release the lingering energetic charge to start dissipating that emotional experience so that you can move on. The hippocampus stops lighting-up and you can respond how you would like to respond, and not react to how you did in the past. NET is fast in releasing stuck emotional energy and it can dramatically improve your life.

Finding and resolving these stuck patterns or “highjacking” of the hippocampus is done by using a manual muscle test. This testing helps determine when your body is and isn’t in harmony with a concept or idea linked to an unresolved event. You then form a mental picture or “snapshot” of the original triggering event, connect with a specific body part and allow the energy to flow, releasing the unresolved energetic congealment linked to the event. It’s that easy!

After the correction, many clients report feeling lighter, more confident and open. Connected. I used this technique with a client for social anxiety; the very next week he was able to speak without anxiety at meetings, go to a party he’d been dreading, and start bowling with a group – and he’s continued to remain anxiety free! He also reports his connection with the Divine has improved and is longer lasting.

NET is a safe, effective and natural way to instantly start resolving long-held emotional issues that have been standing in your way. And, everyone has stuck stress patterns and habits of being that hold them back. NET does not take the place of counseling, yet I have found it very helpful in shortening the duration of therapy. NET is based on a proven method in healing. If you would like to experience this healing for yourself, please feel free to call, text or email me for a session. Be blessed on your journey of self-actualization.


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