It’s not always easy


“Are you getting any information on me right now?” she asked. I tried to explain it is not always like that. It is not always as easy as it looks. As a professional medium and working psychic for over thirty years, I have worked to perfect my gift by keeping myself in balance. So what is balance? I describe it as a vibrational place within our emotions.

We all strive for balance and harmony. So how can we achieve it in a world that is so hectic? I find that meditation is one of the easiest ways to help my busy mind slow down. Meditation is a word that is often misunderstood. Many picture a lotus position with a lot of Om’s. To me, meditation is just taking a moment to quiet my mind and be present. It’s about centering and remembering that in many ways I am unique and carry the divine spark, and in other ways, I am connected to all. It’s about knowing that there is a wonderful loving force in the universe that directs me and centers me if I only will listen.

I also find that taking care of my body helps me to balance. Getting enough rest and eating properly helps me feel centered. It helps me to care for myself. Nature also helps me to balance. Being around my loving dog helps me to connect and be in that moment. It’s doing a variety of the little things that help us be in alignment with our authentic self.

I host a psychic fair 3-4 times a month and being in balance is so very important for myself as well as the readers and healers who offer their services. It’s by being in balance that we can pick up information that we would have had no way of knowing from a source greater than ourselves. Our readers are carefully screened for their talent and ability. How they are in their personal lives is also important.

I encourage you to come and visit one of our fairs. Take time to explore the inner you. Allow your guides to speak to you with an empowering message to assist you in your growth. Come to get an energy boost with our healer, Todd, or receive a message from myself or one of the great readers that will be present.

It may not always be easy but we try to make it easier.


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