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Knight in Shining Armor


As I was sitting here trying to think of a topic to write on for this month’s article, I was at a total loss. I started writing a story about a lady who lost her husband, and she couldn’t find her way afterward. It depressed me so deeply I needed to stop.

As I sat here looking around, really gazing around my office, for a story, I spotted my tarot cards. I decided to write about the first card I picked out of my deck. I picked the Knight in Shining Armor card (out of 78 Cards).

Every woman wants one of these; he’s handsome, he’s tall, dark Brown eyes, charming smile, coming toward her with love in his eyes, every woman’s dream. What happens to our Knight in Shining Armor? We meet him and he so perfect. He’s always smiling, always happy, they married us, and then the real guy shows up. He’s not funny anymore, doesn’t make you laugh anymore, all he does is pick on you and tell you I want you do this and do that, and we do – every day, thinking it’s going to get better. He’s going to love us more if we do it; but, day after day, some days are better than others.

Here’s where I want your story to change. When you get married, or you meet your Knight in Shining Armor, that every day he is in your life, he wants to please you or do for you or take care of you. “Love You, “that’s what a Knight in Shining Armor does. Is he a fantasy? In someone else’s story? I want him to be in my and your stories. At Michigan Psychic Fair, we do psychic readings, and we have many women that want to know about their Knights in Shining Armor. If their relationship will work and why sometimes we ruin our relationships and don’t even realize we did it. We may want so much more out of the marriage, that we forget about the guy, what his purpose in our life is. It is to love one another like the first day you met, every day for the rest of your lives together. Let us at Michigan Psychic Fair help you find your Knight in Shining Armor.


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