Letting Go Of The Past


If you don’t bless the past you will not trust yourself today.

Condemn your choices, regret even tiny part of your life in the past and you ‘short circuit’ your ability to trust your inner voice.

You are not your past, but the wisdom gained from it. You are not your stories, failures, success or goals. Can you see those things ‘on you’ right now? Let go.

You are only carrying a memory. This ghost of the past blocks you from being in the present. Good or bad memory…you are neither. Would you rather identify yourself as the eternal qualities of Love, Truth, Wisdom, Harmony, Spirit, and Peace…or your past?

If you are trying to figure out why something happened, you will never truly find the answer. You are the consciousness or wisdom gained from the event. You must experience the wisdom, expressing through you, to truly feel why the event happened as it did. This may be months to 20 years later.

You can’t truly know ‘why’ things happened the way they do. The question itself is faulty. As you continue to analyze the past, you are unknowingly living it and activating it in your energy field. Your fear that the past will re create itself is true, if you are continuing to ask why. “Why have I felt so depressed for the last few years?” “Why didn’t I listen to myself?” “Why did my family do what they did?”

Let go. The why or ‘ah ha’ only comes in AFTER you let go. It is not so much that you ‘get’ your answer, but rather the question falls away.

As you allow yourself to be drawn into who and what you truly Are, all your questions don’t seem so important. As you continue to let go to your True Identity even the questioner falls away. Your identity shifts….you are not what you ‘think’ you are. You are far greater. Uncovering your True Self, is a process of letting go or self acceptance. The world will hypnotize you into thinking you are your accomplishments, past, roles, failures etc… That can all be taken away. You are something far more magnificent.

Steps to letting go of your past:

1. State “I am willing to let go”, and then breathe and feel for ten minutes.

Feel any resistance with non judgment and non reaction. Healing is Feeling.

2. State “I am willing to move into the mystery. I am willing to let go of the past without knowing why it happened the way it did”. Breathe ten minutes. Feeling resistance (fear, sadness, grief) cleans the resistance off the diamond of your consciousness.

3. Now declare: I accept my past self because:

a. Life is always for me and never against me.

b. I am the wisdom and power gained from it.

c. I am always becoming a greater version of my True Self.

With each declaration, feel what it would feel like to believe this statement. If there is any resistance to the statement, witness with compassion. As you clear the resistance, the wisdom of the statement already within you, rises to the surface of your awareness. Feel what it would feel like to walk, move, and have your Being-ness in this statement. The how, where, or details do not matter; just feel the vibration of the statement.

Repeat this process as many times as you need. You deserve to let go of the past. It is time to set you free. You may think you are angry with ‘them’ but it is really yourself you are angry with.

I will give you another powerful process to let go of the past and allow yourself to be available to all the good Life-God wants to bring to you.

See the person or persons you are angry with. Repeat once or twice. “I forgive you. I forgive myself. As I free you, I free myself”. Breathe and feel. Be with the anger or hurt. What you accept transforms, what you resist persists. Witness the hurt and watch it in your body.

Repeat this process as many times as you need until you the feel layers of hurt all washed away. Feeling your hurt with compassion will result in forgiveness of yourself and them. Your mind will think forgiveness is about letting go of the event, but really, it is about you loving you. (You loving or feeling your hurt with compassion.) You have the power to move beyond the past. You have the power to let go and create the wonderful life God-Creation intends for you to live.

Holding unto the past does not protect you. What you carry with you….you will unconsciously re create. Keeping ‘dibs’ on the past, keeping it ‘filed’ in your memory so ‘it’ doesn’t do it again, will cause it to happen. Let go. When you let go, you are peaceful and can hear the voice within. Trusting yourself or listening to God within, is your greatest protector. But… being able to listen requires you to be in the present moment.

Let go and allow the already present Joy within you to be felt. It is waiting.

Barbra White B.S., Di.Hom


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