Do You Want A Life Of Greater Prosperity And Love?


Why don’t you open to love, dearest? Have you lost hope in yourself, life, or humanity? Life has not lost hope in you. The birds still sing, the universe expands and opportunities await. You are cherished and loved.

You do have a choice — a choice to participate in the miracle that is Life-Creation-God. Our pain, limiting beliefs, and attachments to love outside of ourselves, cause us to close to the blessings that are always waiting for our simple invitation.

Humanity equates pain with love. Pain and love now married as one, a person will continually search for a love they will never find.

Love does not hurt you, only your attachments to love. Meaning, seek approval-security- or a sense of worth from the love you give, and you will be hurt. Give love to feel love as you, from your devotion to Life-God and you are free to Love deeper than you can imagine.

God-Love is your source. Love can express through people, nature, music etc. However, people in your life will not always be able to love you in the way you deserve. When they pull away or project their unresolved pain, you have a choice to close down too. Realize, it is not their words or actions that hurt the most, it is your shutting down to Love. Allow your inherent Divinity, dear one, to feed you, and then all the channels of Creation will love you. Don’t let your partner, parent or friend define your whole reality.

If you close to love, romance or prosperity you close off to feeling your own divinity and connection to the universe. There is no greater joy than feeling the love within you expressing out, fully detached from the outcome. How do you give love in this powerful way? Give, serve, express love to all whom you meet, to simply FEEL your connection. Allow the raging river of prosperity to flow through you, as you and in you, for Humanity and God.

Divine law: Express love, get love back. Divine law, like gravity, just is — meaning gravity doesn’t care what you’ve done or how much money you have…it just works. Divine law, like gravity, doesn’t take a day off. Open up, express love detached from the outcome, and then love-prosperity will be experienced.

Any resentment you hold towards yourself and others will block prosperity and love. Forgiveness is an important tool to opening to love.
People become afraid of a new venture, romance, success and prosperity. We have unknowingly equated these expressions of Love…with pain. We think it is safer to ‘remain in the bud’, but all the while not realizing we are dying.

Desire (De. Sire.) means ‘of the father’. Admitting your dreams and desires is key to opening to love and greater living. In sessions, I will ask, “What is your dream?” Most will answer, “I don’t know.” Most are unwilling to admit what they really want, because doing so would confront them with the pain and limiting belief that is in the way.

Are you willing to admit what pain you have equated with what you desire? This month I am sharing with you a powerful Self Acceptance Process I use in sessions and workshops that gets tremendous results:

1. Write a list of your dreams and wants. Have fun! Write all that comes to you; don’t worry about ‘the how’, or go into thinking, “I shouldn’t want this.”
2. Start with a desire that would bring you the most joy. Take that desire and now write a list of the pain you associate with it. Be honest. If you don’t have what you want, it is because you have equated pain to love, or pain to your desire.
3. Hold the ‘pain list’ to your heart and feel the pain. Feel with compassion as if you are holding a child. Do this for 5 minutes. Feeling with non judgment, IS healing.
4. Write a second list. Ask this question:
“How would it feel to be available to ________ (Fill in with your desire…ie: love, money, romance). Write out ALL the words and associations that you think of.
5. Hold the ‘availability list’ to your chest, FEEL the words, and every minute or so, say out loud the word, “YES!” Do this for 5 minutes. Reprogram yourself to equate JOY with your desire, instead of past pain and attachments.
6. Next time you see yourself shutting down to life and desires, tap in the middle of your breast bone and repeat the words you wrote in #4. This technique will powerfully shift you out of the limiting thoughts and into a greater receptivity to all the good that is seeking to come to you.
Repeat 1-5, until when you think of your desire, you FEEL as if it is already here.

Say, “YES” to life, love and prosperity. You must choose love a million times in one lifetime. You are given many restarts and redo’s in one lifetime. Every time you ‘get back in the saddle’ you discover an even greater you. YOU are here to grow; there are no failures, as long as you gain the lesson.

In service, Barbra White.


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