Listen to Your Soul


The Christ said that the longest road was from the head to the heart. The heart chakra is where the energy of your soul resides. It’s always connected to the Creator, and always within you. No matter how much you cover up and dampen that inner light of your soul, it is always there, ready to make your heart sing and be listened to.

Your soul is eternal. As it is eternal, it is connected with all your wisdom and the Creator’s, as well as your past and future. We come into this world knowing and fully connected with our soul, and over time, separating from it, by developing the ego. We defend our soul by covering it up and becoming who we think our parents want us to be. Then, we get stuck in the inner programs of our mind, losing touch with our soul, although it is always there and wants our highest good.

The heart, our soul, is where our deepest joy lives and loves unconditionally — knowing you are perfect where you are on your path of enlightenment. Connecting and listening to your soul will bring you joy every moment of your existence. All you have to do is listen and your inner wisdom from your soul will direct you to the next step on your path.

So, how does one connect with and listen to their soul moment by moment? There are many ways to do this. One way I like is to get into your meditative state. Visualize a ball of energy from the Divine over your head, flowing down your spine and filling you up. Feel the flow. When you are ready, place a hand on your heart center. Feel the comfort and peace there, and the bubbles of joy rising.

Create a ball of pinkish light energy softly glowing with gratitude and love. Feel that warm energy of love. Now listen. Listen for the soft voice that allows you to have the free will to listen and obey (or ignore it and follow the ego’s demanding defensive voice). The soul’s/heart’s voice will be soft and full of unconditional love, like a gentle stroke of a mother’s hand comforting her child. All you need to do is be open and accepting to hear the guidance. When you feel complete and have gained the insight you’ve desired, thank your soul with gratitude, compassion, and love. Continue feeling the connection as you open your eyes.

As you practice this small ritual daily, it will become easier and faster for you to connect with your soul. Eventually, you can just take a breath in and tune into that connection in seconds. Your life then starts to become a continual connection with your soul guiding you as you walk your path to enlightenment. It’s always a choice to connect, listen to, and take action on your soul’s guidance.


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