Listening to Your Heart


Just as love is the healing energy of the heart, when we truly listen to our heart and we look at the suffering and chaos of our world, we are moved to want to do something. Prayer is the tool that can hone this power into an alchemical force to inspire and heal. It is a universal language; the common language of that universal religion – spirituality – of which we are all, by our very nature, members. Prayer transcends words, language barriers, and different religious beliefs. Prayer is also a spiritual science.

When we pray, we are not just saying words, but are also reaching deep within ourselves. We are listening to our heart. We are forming a connection with that spark of the Divine that resides there. Like the sun, our hearts and souls want to pour forth light, love, and healing to all and prayer enables us to do this.

Prayer energy – love energy – spiritual energy – what we call it does not matter; is a power just as real as electricity and far more important. It is a power that we can channel from the infinite, universal supply of the Creator — God. Through our intentional prayers, we automatically channel this power.

When prayer reaches its destination as a beam of love – the energy of the heart – colored by the words and motive of the pray-er, its nature is to bring balance and harmony, in the same way as healing does. It gives people extra power to heal themselves, help themselves, inspire themselves and motivate themselves. The energy of love nurtures and heals and when directed through prayer, this can mean the difference between life and death.

If we hear on the news that there is a war breaking out somewhere in the world and that peace talks are about to begin, we may feel inspired to send prayers to the peacemakers. If we listen to this inspiration and act upon it, we can then utilize the energy of our hearts, far more powerful than our brains, to make a difference; to heal and inspire the peacemakers in their decision making. Prayer can be especially useful if used strategically. As the outcome of the war will depend to a large extent on the decisions of the peacemakers, it is a good idea to do this.

While we should never ask in our prayers that other people’s minds are changed in any way, it is always good to ask that light, strength, and clarity of mind goes out to the peacemakers, in order that they may be guided by their higher selves to make the right decision.

The magical secret of prayer is to first listen to our hearts, and then use its energy of love, mixed with all our faith, focus, concentration, and compassion, and then detach from the results. Detachment gives our prayers wings to fly to their destination in order to perform God’s magic.

Oh mighty God

I offer my heartfelt prayer in thankfulness to you,
And ask that I may be a channel for your peace and love
So that this may flow through me now to all life.

To humanity, in all its diversity of race and creed
People, plants, animals and even the rocks beneath our feet
So that we may know we are One planetary family
Dwelling within Thy Great Heart.

On wondrous Parabrahma

May your divine and infinite power flow now –

At this very moment – in an everlasting stream of light

To bring peace and freedom to our world.

Oh, Eternal Creator, Provider and Sustainer of all life.
Great Peace, Great Peace, Great Peace
May Thy will be done.


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