Living From Your Center


Life is like a horse (to use an analogy). The question is…are you riding the horse, or is the horse riding you? There is a balance point within us which determines which of these experiences we are having at any given moment.

The balance point within you is a wonderful place which integrates all the gifts and qualities which you have. Called Tipheret on The Tree of Life or Qabalah, it comes to focus in the middle of your body and aura and may be seen as a beautiful sun within you radiating love and personal mastery to embrace all aspects of yourself and unite them into a functional unit called you.

Society encourages us to live either in our heads, thinking our way through life in an abstract way which disconnects us from ourselves and others, or alternately to live for others or our jobs. In other words, many of us are well trained to ignore our center and to let others or other things be the center of our lives. This ultimately leaves us feeling like the horse is riding us!

Living from your center would integrate your mind, feelings, spirit, and body and would stimulate your intuitive sense of purpose, freedom and integrity within each moment of your life. Being in your center will help you to prioritise your life and responsibilities in a way which allows you to let go of what you don’t need to do or be for others so that you can get control over your horse and ride it.

When this happens you will be loving yourself and in loving yourself, you can also love your life. It is hard to love your life when the horse is riding you. Without love, life seems meaningless and frustrating. Without self love, it is hard to experience love from others.

Here is an exercise to help you find and experience this balanced integration of self which will allow you to live from your center:

– Imagine a beautiful golden sun in the center of your body and aura. (The aura is the energy field surrounding your body, and about arms length around you in every direction). The core of this sun extends from about 4 inches below your neck to just above your naval.

– Let yourself feel this sun within your body, so that you are not just imagining it in your head but incorporating your feelings and physcial energies. To do this you work from your heart and your belly.

– Breathe into this sun and feel its radiance expand to fill your entire aura.

– Invite the loving energy of this sun to embrace your mind, your feelings, your body and your spirit in unconditional love.

– Feel the magnetic pull of this sun drawing into its center within you each of these aspects of yourself.

– Ask the love and wisdom of this inner sun to mingle these aspects of you together into a working whole, so that each aspect supports and works in harmony with the others.

– Take time to experience this process of uniting the diversity within you into a unifed center. You may feel this as a balance point forming inside your body between your heart and belly. Breathe into it for a few minutes. You may feel some things clearing and shifting and changing. Allow that to happen and invite the sunlight within you to sort things out until you feel a sweet inner balance and peaceful strength in your middle.

Shift your focus to the world around you and feel the center that you have built within yourself holding you in a place of self-awareness and inner strength. Visualize yourself going about your day from this center.

During your day, when stressers and other people pull on you in a way which tries to draw you off center, remember that center within and let the sunlight become strong enough to counter balance the outer pull. Meet the challenges from your center and you may find a deeper sense of peace, strength, and wisdom is available that will allow you to handle things with greater ease and love for yourself and your life.

Eve Wilson


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