Wherever You Are


Wherever you are, is a good place to be because you are there. You receive the greatest benefits from experiences when you remember who you are! You are not an auto worker, or a home maker or a plumber or unemployed. You are an eternal and divine being living in a human body. Your human body along with your emotions, mind and soul are learning to reflect your true self increasingly. You are evolving and growing into the perfect vehicle for yourself. Wherever you are is exactly where that evolution and growth is taking place, so regard this present moment with the eye of the student…ask yourself with an open attitude and some curiosity: what did my God Self bring me here for?

I have a great job, which requires me to stretch and grow and use all of my intuitive gifts to the limit, every day. But, I sometimes get an attitude and forget to let my God Self show up in the mundane tasks…office work, dishes, shopping etc. I notice sometimes that I get cranky doing these tasks and have to remember that whatever I am doing, God is here, so no matter how mundane the experience, I am learning to allow my God Self to express in this situation. It is not what I am doing, but who I am that has significance. If I think I am just a human being slogging through chores, then my experience is frustrating and dull. Then I remember to welcome my God Self with an attitude of ‘this is your day, please make it a day that you would want to be in!’ When I do that I begin to relax, to embrace my human unhappiness and the energy shifts. I begin to find pleasure in the ordinary sweetness of life and the extraordinary may show up unexpectedly and in beautiful ways. My day becomes a day that God would enjoy, and myself, being an aspect of God in human form, enjoys it also.

A lot of people have been struggling with feeling trapped in their work situations. People tell me they don’t belong in their job, but they don’t know where they should be or how they can leave with the economy as it is. I believe there is a gift in every situation and that when we have mastered that gift a time will come for things to change.

For many people in this situation, I think the opportunity is to practice bringing God to work with you. Realize that it isn’t what you are doing, but who you are that will determine your satisfaction and fulfillment in any day. Yes, it is easier to be happy in a job that is fulfilling, but maybe the real job right now is to build the muscle of remembering who you are wherever you are. If you were already enjoying what you were doing, you might forget to remember who you are. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn that. Once you have strengthened your muscles of being God in human within your frustrating job, I suspect that your outer situation will eventually change to reflect your gifts and talents.

Strengthening your skill as a vehicle for your God Self is the most important thing that a person can do right now. Therefore, whatever you are doing now becomes important. The same holds true if you are unemployed. Use the time you have, to practice welcoming God into whatever you are experiencing, whether it is relief that you don’t have to be at a job you found oppressive, fear for your economic security, or anxiety over the uncertainty of life. Remember that whatever your experience, you are God living in a human form and each moment is for your growth and training, so that you can be a better vehicle for who you really are in the world.

Since you are God having a human experience, then your money belongs to God, your house belongs to God, your body and health belongs to God. Give them to your God Self and stop trying to control your life from fear. Let God control your life, from the inside. You don’t have to be feeling spiritual to do this, welcome God into your emotions, your thoughts and your health just as you are now, and let the experience shift.

It is important to remember to make room in your plans and dreams for something even better than what you think you need. The God Being that you are has a plan. You don’t always know what that plan is, but you can be sure that it is perfect. Make room for that plan to take form within your heart, your mind, and your life. You can trust it. You will ultimately like it, although you might find the journey toward it, to be less than glamorous on occasion! Try welcoming your God Self’s purpose, moment by moment, by moment. Even if you do that only a small percentage of your moments, it will work. If it takes time, you can figure that you need more practice remembering who you are, so that when you get your new wonderful life, you don’t forget to be God having a human experience there too, and not just a person having what you want!

Eve Wilson


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