Living the Life of Your Dreams


You can wait until a year from now or longer to look back at your life and see how things were unfolding for your greatest good, or you can know that now. Choosing to see all of your life’s events as happening for you and not against you, helps you to listen to your inner guidance, be aware of the support that surrounds you always, and see the greater picture.

At first, trusting life is always working on your behalf may be just a thought in the mind. But, as you continue to cultivate this belief and practice it in your life, it becomes a peaceful resting place in your heart.
3 principals to ponder that will strengthen your awareness of the universal harmonizing energy working in your life are:

1. Embrace the unknown. Learn to stay in the mystery and discomfort of not knowing. Life will always show up differently than how you plan.
2. Life will match how you feel about yourself. Your self love is not frivolous. Self love is a powerful force that shapes the experience you have of your Life. You can only see your life in the way you view yourself. This is why someone can be in beautiful surroundings, yet be in inner hell. Claim your magnificence and you will see the divine order that is always there.
3. Detach from the outcome. Your good will show up in a different way than you think.
As you contemplate the 3 principals above use the daily Three Step Acceptance Process below:
1. Accept life as it is. Resisting what is will only continue to validate your current self-perceptions. As you remain in the same self-perception, your actions and words will continue to keep what you are resisting from changing.
2. State an intent. (i.e. I intend to give and receive more love.)
3. Let go of the “how, when or where” this intent unfolds. Intentional Surrender is a powerful tool for opening you to the good that is always there for you. Your intent is a tool to move you out of your current self-limitations and into greater receptivity of life.
Three years ago I experienced a divorce, loss of my house, death of my dog, and a domestic attack. Sounds like a country song! However, I knew in the midst of all of that, Life was seducing me into greater joy. This inner knowing allowed me to experience the emotions that I needed to process and kept me out of suffering. Emotions-pain happens, but suffering is optional.

From the divorce I learned what love is not…to know what love IS. From the ‘loss’ I came into a greater understanding that love can never be lost by knowing the Love I always Am. From the ‘attack’ I learned to take a stand for Love and Self, but never against anyone.

God is not a being but a state of Being. My life IS God. God and Life are one in the same to me. Holding a vision that Life is always for me I was able to see the support that Life is always giving.

The week my buddy and dog of 12 years Rocky died, I noticed 12 yellow tulips sprout in my backyard. I did not plant them. I had playful images of Rocky directing the squirrels to plant them before his transition. A day after the tulips sprouted, my friend brought me yellow flowers. I would not have seen the correlation if I did not know Life is always working on my behalf. After a spiritual service at the end of the same week, I stopped by a flower shop to buy a new vase for my flowers. In the flower shop I saw a replica of Rocky on a greeting card with him in front of yellow flowers!

The reality of Who You Are is gifted, amazing and powerful. God is love, joy, happiness and peace… you are those qualities. Let go into peace, and chose to see your innate worth. Something can only create suffering when you have attached your worth to it. Know the Truth that you are magnificent and then you will see the gift in Life’s events.

If you think life, the week, your day, is something to just be survived through, then courageously ask yourself, “What must I believe about myself for this to be my experience?” Once you admit an unloving thought about yourself, it is already healed. Don’t try to change it, or re-think it. Admit the lack of self love is there, and then let go; let the belief and lack of self love return back to the void from which it came.

You are the wisdom gained from your past, but not you’re past. Knowing life is always for you, you can now choose to reap the wisdom the past event was trying to show you. Admit where you are not forgiving yourself and begin to welcome the awareness that event was trying to teach you. Once you receive the fruit of the experience, self forgiveness becomes a lot easier.

Your life can be an adventure and exploration into a greater understanding of your purpose and divinity. You lack nothing, and only need to remember what you have already been given to live the life of your dreams.

Barbra White


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