In Memory of


In Memory of
Debbie Ford
On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, the physical remains of Debbie Ford were laid to rest. While the ceremony was in progress, someone may have said something like this: “Today we lay to rest an author, an advocate, a philanthropist, a mother, a child, a friend, a woman who inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create better lives, lives they could enjoy!” Of course, while all of this would be accurate, they might also have said…
“Debbie was a catalyst for change by virtue of the changes she experienced in her own life. For regardless of what life handed her she used it, ALL of it, to create a life where she felt she belonged. Belonging to and owning her life was paramount to Debbie Ford, and in her workshops, books and philanthropic work it was a common theme. People were invited to explore, embrace and otherwise effect tremendous change within, resulting in their learning to live, laugh and love — perhaps for the first time in their lives.”
To say she was fearless would not have been accurate, for she was filled with fears. But through her highly acclaimed, “Shadow Process” she taught herself and others how to release the shame attached to those shadows, those fears, and to see the “whole” of ourselves as pertinent and necessary. This then, allows us to grow through life healthfully, and not just go through life dodging bullets. Through her work, people learned to embrace and integrate themselves, thereby seeing themselves as whole and worthy.
Her legacy includes so much more. One has only to explore her bibliography beginning with, “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” penned in 1998, and ending with, “Courage; Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence” written in 2012, to be reminded of, if not continually guided by, Debbie’s body of work which uplifts the spirit, supports the integrity of the soul and genuinely wants each one of us to leave this world a better place as a result of our birth.
Debbie Ford left this world on Sunday, February 17, for other worlds, other realms that were inviting her to continue to grow and expand her brilliant light. Even though cancer may have destroyed her human body, nothing can destroy what she left behind in this physical world. Debbie Ford truly DID leave this world a better place as a result of her birth. Rest in Peace, Dance as Light!

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