Let the Love Be Here


Let the love be here, right now wherever you are:  at home, at the office, in a relationship or alone,in the grocery store, rush hour traffic, walking in the woods, making dinner, looking for a job;  feeling, loved, lonely, peaceful, irritated, happy, stressed…whatever!

Let the love be here in your feet, on the ground in the world now, no matter what; despite your worries and fears, whether or not you feel you deserve it…stay here and let love happen in your life.

Not just the cozy kind of love, although that is nice; the love that can find you anywhere is unconditional love and it is divine.  It has a higher perspective and a deeper wisdom and it doesn’t judge you.  Let it surround you and surrender yourself its presence now.

Your purpose here is to be a presence of divine love in the world; by whatever name you call that loving essence at the core of life. This is the one purpose that we all share.  Remember the definition above of unconditional love, we are not talking cozy here, although cozy is nice. We are talking responsible love, self-aware love; it contains a lot of acceptance, but is more positive and purposeful than just acceptance. It makes room for trust and accommodates all that is going on without trying to control it all.   Unconditional love allows life to work for everyone.

It is hard to comprehend how this works, but it does.  When you let love in things move in the direction they need to go with the greatest possible ease.  That doesn’t mean it is always easy, but it is the easiest way to move in the direction life will take you.  Since you can’t effectively fight the direction that your life calls you to go, surrendering to love makes the journey more enjoyable and infinitely gentler for all involved.

People look for purpose in their jobs, relationships, religions, or whatever.  It is often a mystery just what the purpose really is.  Well, you need look no further, this is your purpose and it is always being fulfilled, although people don’t always appreciate that fact.  As a whole, people have a lot of judgments about how things should go and they invest a lot of effort into making that happen with the best of intentions.  Well, you know what road can be paved by good intentions!  Let yourself relax into the flow of the river of life and make space for unconditional love to direct things a little bit more.  It is already present at the core of each circumstance and each person, unlikely as that may seem sometimes!

Invite love to surround each issue as it arises and be an intermediary between you and the challenges and the gifts in your life, let it be wherever you are.  Let italways go a step ahead of you paving the way no matter how bumpy the streets of your life might get today.

Unconditional love won’t stop you from having challenges and discomforts, it will help you to grow successfully through them to become the person you need to be in your life with as much grace and ease as is helpful on your path.

When life is challenging and you feel inclined to judge yourself for being in the wrong place, or not good enough, let the love in to surround you; let it stand with you in your heart and in your shoes.  You are the love that is here in the world.  You are the being at the core of your human experience who brought you here to this moment.  You are in the right place.  Within you is an eternally brilliant One who is building a soul that is capable of doing the job at hand.  If your human self had already mastered your current circumstances, you would already be onto something else that challenged you.  So, if you find life challenging, it is probably because you already finished your previous challenge and are now onto the next soul building opportunity.  You are always in the right place in this moment to build the soul qualities and muscles that you need to build.

Surrender to the love at the core of your being and let yourself also receive the love that surrounds you and all of life.  Don’t be fooled by the mess in the world at this time, it is all exactly as it needs to be. Everyone and everything on this planet, including the planet itself is on a soul building journey.  We are all eternal, safe and unbreakable.  Each one of us will grow through our hard stuff and reap the benefits of this experience.  The pain and suffering will pass, but the strength, wisdom, love and truth live on forever.  You can trust that.


Eve Wilson



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