Love, A Chain Reaction


“I’m wide awake, ready to create, everything I’ve imagined, hearts without any hate, crying for change, causing a chain reaction of love.” Jennifer Lopez

As a society, we are embarrassed by love. We treat it as if it were an obscenity. Have we become so busy with our daily affairs and thoughts that we have lost the essential art of taking time to converse with our hearts? Love is and has been the most essential thing in our lives, a passion for which from the beginning of time we have fought and died for. Is it truly possible to speak and act without our heart-centered directly? We actually converse with our heart, be not afraid to express your love for the universe, and for life itself depends on it.

We have learned throughout history that coming together as a unit of peace and love has made monumental shifts in society. It’s like coming together in love as roots of redwood trees bonding together in the sense of spiritual strength and power and faith. As James Dillet Freeman penned, ….. you’ll never see a redwood stand alone. It takes several redwoods to intertwine those shallow roots to remain standing. Redwood roots bind together; community and universal love finding strength in a unified community.

Love in our social and economic environment appears to be a necessity for survival. A call to action to begin every day with a pledge to be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to neighbors, say a kind word to strangers, and smile. Changes in the way we think and the way we act must take place if we are to create a loving culture — start a chain reaction.

We are, we can be as redwoods, finding strength in community. We can be and create mutual love in the community, causing a chain reaction in rooting our understanding and power of love no matter our differences. Love has the power to bind us. Our spiritual roots are intertwined with universal humanity through love. Sincere and honest love can defeat any indifference, hate, or misunderstanding. As individuals, in our personal lives and collectively, in our universal lives, we have the power to make a paradigm shift to love.

Jennifer Lopez’ remake of “Love Makes the World Go Round,” in part: As we hear in our heartbeat a beautiful sound, If they try to deny us or silence us now, We just say no, oh, yeah, we’ll be all right living our lives, finding some satisfaction, we’re not gone to hide have no fear in our eyes, love is a call to action— we let ’em know— love makes the world go round. The lyrics are so apropos of the current climate we live in. It may be difficult at times, but we should not let it fade — for this is our promise for the universe’s existence.

Stand with the redwoods and intertwine our existence in a chain reaction of love.


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