Love or Fear?


From Course in Miracles, I learned that all emotions come from only two sources: Love or Fear. All positive feelings come from love, the Divine. All negative feelings come from fear, the ego (easing God out). When we hide fear beneath negative emotions, those responses are what we’ve been programmed by our parents, society, teachers… usually from a very young age, from the developing ego, in an attempt to survive and be accepted by those around us. Loved by those around us, and we forget who we are. We forget the Creator loves us always and forever. Be the love you are created to be. Whenever you make a mistake, be honest. Be mindful of the reaction, take a deep breath of divine inspiration, and transform and send out love in that instant… that holy instant…. towards yourself and others. Be, shine forth the love you are!

We have a connection with the divine, with Source, when we allow the acknowledgement of it. This connection is of love and is, when we allow, and are mindful of , our guide towards love, away from the fear and destruction ego desires. As we have free will, Source will never order us to do anything. You always have a choice: Love/God or fear/ego. You get the gift of choice, you get the gift to choose your life.

As you choose God/Source, you are actually choosing love, and love’s vibration. It is all one. God/Source, higher self, love… When you choose to get out of your own way and choose the divine, the universal vibrations, thoughts, emotions and actions of love, God/Source, you are actually choosing for your highest good. In choosing for your highest good, as all is one, your vibration matches, and influences the world, the universe. Us, each of us, being here matters. We are each an important note in the concert of the universe. One note missing, off key, and we notice. There’s dis-harmony. We are each important to the whole. We can choose to raise the world in love, or lower it into fear. It is literally our choice.

Being our choice, we are still the center of our world. What happens to and for us, how we perceive the world is directly the result of our own vibration, our own thoughts, and emotions, our own actions. I believe it was Einstein who said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words, as the bible says, “You reap what you sow.” Many cultures and inspired people have said the same thing in different ways. It’s a Universal Law.
That is why when we change our thoughts and resulting emotions, the vibrations of our being in this world, others around us change also. And, as we choose the vibration of God/Source, love, more of that is attracted to you. Our world always reflects our self, who we really think we are.

Fear’s lower vibration pulls us down and attracts more of that in our lives. It is to our benefit to be mindful of, and catch our inner thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep us in traps of our own making.

Most of us did not hear how wonderful we were when we were young, and being more closely connected to God/Source, our vibration was more in tune with love. I think that when parents, society, whomever, were in their fear, it was so jarring that we developed our ego to protect us, and gave into their vibrational quality as we were bombarded with the negative energy around us. Our parents did and do love us, yet they are human too, and make mistakes.

These fears and vibrations we took into ourselves, programming them into our subconscious and slowly draw away from the vibration of Love. Fed and developed the ego. Yet, this seems to be exactly what we do to have a human experience in this world, to learn our lessons and move back, gratefully towards Love. Towards knowing who we really are as Love and Light with the flame of the Divine within us, guiding us as we release the ego and let ourselves be guided by the light and love within. Feeding the flame of divinity with our energy, our focus, our love, and getting more and more of that back.

A way to become mindful of our thoughts and at the same time open to guidance for the divine, our True Self, connected with God/Source, is to meditate, or at least take a deep belly breath and go within. The loud, commanding voice inside is the ego, our defenses, fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging reactions. The quiet, compassionate, loving voice is just that… Love willing to guide you to your highest good. Again, your choice which voice, vibration to pay attention to, focus on, to feed energy to.

We are gifted with the free will to choose who we want to be. We are able to choose to be the love and light we are. That is our destiny. Why not now?

Miche Lame’


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