Judith – A Light in the Darkness Watch the Miracles Happen…


Judith is a gifted intuit, spiritual healer, counselor, and an accomplished negative energy clearer. She has helped innumerable individuals overcome their challenges through her masterful techniques, guidance and healing.

Judith began her spiritual journey at the age of eight when she first discovered her psychic and clairvoyant abilities. She has been both a student and teacher of the new thought movement for over fifty years.

Coupled with life’s experiences, Judith has taken numerous seminars, courses and workshops, and has digested countless books and tapes. She is a longtime practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. These have given her a greater understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and the oneness of all, and has helped her utilize her abilities in a most practical way. She holds ordination certificates as a Psychic Minister and as a Spiritual Minister.
Her clear connection to the wisdom of the Absolute enables her to counsel from an elevated perspective, to speak the words that need to be heard, and to recommend the proper tools to facilitate healing. Judith has the ability to quickly envision positive solutions to people’s challenges and help them create the outcomes they desire.

Judith comes forth in a comforting, non-judgmental manner, making everyone feel free to express their true feelings and issues. She is not only insightful, she also has the ability to provide direction and offer the vehicles to live a peaceful, harmonious life and achieve one’s true potential and higher purpose.
When Judith is cleansing a person or a space, she combines her energy and intuition with her proven purification techniques to eliminate negativity in the area. These purification techniques produce noticeable and immediate positive changes.

Her counseling is an eye-opening experience that goes directly to the heart of the issue and gets you moving to your highest good. Find out more at: www.judithalightinthedarkness.com or contact her at: 248-254-1818 or email: Judith@judithalightinthedarkness.com


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