Love is Everything


Love is Everything
by John Ashbrook

Love is a divine state of being. It is the natural and right state of the human soul. Love is so much more than something you do; it is what you must be. Love is created when the masculine and feminine energies that make up the immortal soul exist in perfect harmony. This harmony is characterized by the trust that must exist in any successful partnership. These two principles of creation support the other’s effort to express life.

The feminine energy supplies the inspiration for creativity through its ability to feel, to intuit, to know what will further the soul’s expressionistic journey. The masculine energy supplies the intelligence, organization, and force that renders the feminine’s ideas into manifest reality. They do their jobs separately, but they work together to achieve this mutual goal – growth and all the freedom that it implies.

This mutual fulfillment is guaranteed by their trust in each other. The masculine trusts that the feminine will always inspire its intelligence with fresh, new ideas and the feminine trusts that the masculine will listen and respond to its vision for expanding life. This divine co-operation is life and it is the source of all creation. Everything that has ever been created or will ever be created must be the result of love. So, love is everything. It is the essence of all joy and fulfillment. It is the engine of expression, the fuel of freedom, the foundation of prosperity. Love is the insurer of all physical health and the environment of peace. Love flows from love. All understanding, acceptance, compassion, patience, gratitude, and kindness are produced by the inner state of divine love.

When someone’s life is expressed in love, their inner harmony must manifest itself in their outer life. Love attracts love. That is why it is so important to establish a state of love within yourself. Loneliness is a lack of inner harmony, inner communication. When you have inner trust, communication, and co-operation, you cannot feel lonely. Your own inner state of love guarantees this but at the same time, your inner connectedness automatically attracts those who also live in a state of inner intimacy. Love always wins. When there is love there is no fear, no resistance to one’s natural and right desire for human contact and intimacy.

When you live in a state of love you realize that there is no end to your uniqueness. Love is the power that allows you to live in the infinite newness of the eternal moment. When there is love you always see the very best in yourself and others. Your self-esteem is never threatened by what someone else is accomplishing. This is because in a state of love you are always doing what is right for you; what you know in your heart will further your life. You know that the love you feel inside will forever expand your consciousness. The accomplishment of loving yourself is second to none and makes everything possible. You have the freedom to choose your fulfillment. When there is love there is supreme confidence. The harmony of your soul puts you in perfect balance with the universal flow. Things come to you much more quickly with less effort. You really know what you want, what is good for your life, without question. In any given moment the exact goal of your life is perfectly clear, the required course of action is known; without hesitation, the precise amount of force is exercised, and the exact desired result is created.

When there is love there must be physical health because the soul is in balance. You cannot be subject to disease if the masculine and feminine energies exist in harmony. Your inner state of love supports you in not attracting negative elements that could put your body in disharmony. When the soul lives in a state of love it is doing what it is meant to do, express its unfathomable beauty, and is happily occupied in doing so. The product of such an environment is always peace, both inner and outer. The foundation of all prosperity is built by love. Love and its inherent, never-ending flow of creative possibilities are constantly finding new ways to manifest prosperity in life.

At the same time, the soul is discovering fresh avenues to the full enjoyment of this unlimited bounty and it does so in gratitude. There is always enough and there is always more. This is the philosophy of appreciation that love lives by. Love is so profound, its implications so far-reaching, that it is beyond description because it is everything. It is so much more than we can imagine. Herein, lies the incredible mystery of love. It forever challenges us, teases us to fully grasp its magnificence and its unspeakable beauty and perfection.


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