Introduction to Holistic Health


Introduction to Holistic Health
By Ikaro Phoenix

As a Holistic Health Educator and Life Coach, many people ask me, “What is Holistic Health?” To help those who might be new to Holistic Health, or to provide a deeper perspective for those already familiar with it, I hope this article provides some insights which are helpful. Holistic Health is a process of recovering harmony, balance, and healthy functioning both to the individual and to nature through practices that originate from a connection with nature itself.

There are many methods of alternative healing around the world, such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Herbalism, and Shamanism. But for a practice to truly bring our health back, it must ultimately lead us into a direct relationship that maintains our individual health as well as the health of nature. This process begins through initiating a living practice of staying dynamically engaged with the creative life force, because it is nature itself, and our own body which was created by it, that indicates to us when it is out of balance. It also informs us of what we need to do to correct the problem. It is not as complicated as we might think when we see all that is going on in the world that might seem bigger than we can manage. We are the ones who created the problem, or were/are affected by those who did, and therefore must find the best ways possible to correct it.

Disease, on the other hand, is that which disconnects us from acting in harmony with all of life; we act in ways that disturb the harmony of the natural world, and thereby, disrupt our health. To recover health we begin by facing the problems we are experiencing that take us out of balance by taking a self-inventory and doing some self-investigation. From there, we self-correct, implementing and practicing that which puts us back into harmony both inwardly and outwardly with life’s creative system.

The real practices of Holistic Health are universally applicable and are not based on particular beliefs or traditions. Rather, they are rooted in the creation itself and therefore bring us back into direct connection with that source of life. This means that health is not the only individual but is also directly related to our care and direct relationship with nature, which are the harmonizing and balancing elements that Holistic Healing provides, both mentally and physically. When nature is out of balance we are out of balance and vice versa.

This way, through consciousness, we can balance our inner state of being and live with a deeper connection to nature. This provides us with a natural intelligence as to what the source of our imbalance or disease is, what we need to do to correct it, and how to maintain it. It is the role of a Holistic Healer to help one through this process so that all things, inwardly and outwardly, in human beings and in nature, are brought into balance and are restored to a state of health.

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