Be the Love you are — with You!


Now that we’ve made our New Year resolutions, how do we keep them? Our world is in a higher vibration than ever before which supports our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth. The time is now for us in unity to achieve our desires. Yet, we seem to follow the same path seemingly hardwired by our biocomputer (brain) since a young age. We appear stuck. Perhaps it is fear of the unknown, fear of our own greatness.

Many times my clients will start successfully attaining small steps towards their goals, feel good about themselves, and yet stop doing the things which are creating positive flow in their lives, leading to realizing their connection with Divine Source/God. They sometimes go back to their old habit of being–some might get complacent, feeling there is no more to do to grow, and some are just happy where they’re at. Whatever the reason, we are in this plane to always grow towards transformation, towards self-actualization and ascension. It is the reason we are here, forging unity with God/Source. No one is separate from God/Source, Love. Somewhere along the way, we started pretending we were separate and are finding our way back.

There might be a pattern, a limited belief or story of “fear of failure”, where there is self-sabotage by holding ourselves back from being the greatness we truly are, our knowing of our own divinity as Love. We’ve been taught that there is fear in the unknown and to avoid the fear, the unknown, at any cost. Usually, the cost is to our own True Self and unity with Divine Source/God. Fear and excitement are the same emotional energy–it’s just that with fear we expect the worst to happen, and with excitement we expect something positive to occur.

Our positive feelings further our connection with Divine Source/God/Love. How about identifying the fear and choosing to change its label to excitement? This encourages us to take the steps towards fulfilling our dreams; which takes us closer to realizing our unity with Divine Source. It brings us further along on our life’s journey, supporting humanity’s greatness and increasing the world’s vibration. Sometimes we find ourselves stepping backwards into our old programming and giving up. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Humans make mistakes. Mistakes are often our best learning devices. When clients repeat the same mistakes they have done before (that old biocomputer programming), they are often very hard and unforgiving of themselves. This keeps them trapped in the old program of guilt. The Law of Attraction then gives them more experiences where they can feel guilt. Guilt stops us from feeling our connection with our Higher Self and Source/God as effectively as any road block.

Guilt is not real according to the Course in Miracles. Nothing here is real nor eternal except for our essence and connection with Source/God. So go ahead! Make mistakes!

It’s all good. It’s all temporary and unreal. We are just here to remember our own divinity, realizing our union with God/Source.

Be gentle and loving with yourself. Be the love you are — with you. It is often so easy to forgive others; treat yourself with the same love and acceptance, the same forgiving and teaching. We can make a mistake, decide how we’ll choose to handle a situation the next time… there is often a next time… and, when we are mindful, we change the outcome of the situation next time around, and/or have more compassion, love for others.

We’ve all been there. We are all in this experience together, and when one learns and transforms, the vibration spreads and others get it. Like laughter. Ever notice how expansive laughter is? Laughter is contagious. It is an experience we’ve all had. We are connected, so everyone has the opportunity to vibrationally learn from our experiences, transform from our transformation and ascend from our ascension. And, we can learn from others. We are connected on a vibrational and spiritual level.

So, go ahead and step forward with your goals. Follow your heart. Be mindful of each step, and if you identify fear, create excitement. Make a mistake, or get off your path, speak with Spirit. Ask for divine guidance. Give yourself permission to be happy. Give yourself permission to be compassionate and loving with yourself.

Shine your divine light and let your true self be seen. Allow your greatness to shine forth and be the love and joy you are. Experience the greatness within you that’s waiting to be seen. This is the year to experience your greatness.

Miche Lame’ MALLP


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