A New Year Message of Love


As we begin another New Year, let us remember that each day is precious. It is the day when all that has passed before us is gone, and all our future dreams can be created anew. This is the most important day in all your many lifetimes, for it is now. It is the day when we can choose to embrace love with our every thought, word and action.

We learn from the sacred text, “The Nine Freedoms”[1] that by manifesting the great power of Love which is “a natural energy, all pervasive, greater than mind,” we can bring to our Earth “Freedom from want. Freedom from war. Freedom from disease. Freedom from one’s lower self. Freedom from hate and Freedom from basic emotionalism.” We learn why it is essential for all spiritual students to manifest and continually radiate Love. We do this through prayer, through healing and selfless service to others.

Why is this so essential now more than ever before? With all the challenges and tragedies we have witnessed in the past year, it is clearer than ever that our true destiny is not about materialistic pursuits but to awaken to our innate spirituality.

To live fully in the moment, awakened to all life’s challenges and opportunities and filled with love, is easier said than done. However, every journey starts with a single step, and it begins the moment we awaken from our slumber each morning.

Each day – and this New Year ahead – is a blank canvas. There is stillness and quietude in the ethers as the new dawn arises. There is a feeling of possibility, of optimism, of hope and of expectancy. The days stretch out before us, as yet untouched by our desires, our choices, our mistakes and our achievements. There is a freshness of hours and minutes as yet untouched.

Let us regard the year ahead as an opportunity for deeper love. The urgency of this time of change requires that more of us become agents of positive change than ever before. It is essential now more than ever that awakened souls of every background and belief system, put their concern and love into action for the world.

Spirituality is not only the important theme of today, more potent than politics in bringing lasting change in the world, it also provides a fascinating path for us. As we awaken more fully to the divine spark within, we begin to glimpse our true strength and power. This is the same spark that we also share with the Sun, the stars and the galaxies. It is limitless in nature and fueled by the great preservative force of love. Within every life-stream, human or otherwise, is this same spark, urging for expression; dimly in some and with great strength in others.

Chrissie Blaze



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