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One of the most common things people ask of me as a healer is to explain to them why they have chosen the circumstances of their life; they seem at a loss to explain the value of their experiences. Here is an explanation that covers the question for most of us and a valuable tool for responding to life to help you move in the direction of greater peace and satisfaction.

Imagine you could look at life as though you were looking into a snow globe. Looking in from outside and above, you would note that the world we live in exists inside its own field of energy, that it is contained within an aura of separation from what lies around it. Looking at it in this way is like having a Gods-Eye-View of life. The field of separation was put there intentionally to create an environment for the growth of individual souls to become unique focuses of that eternal and higher conscious unity of which we are each a part.

Now imagine dropping into the snow globe, where you would find yourself within that separate little world, within your separate little body and experiencing your separate little life. And all of this is just as it should be temporarily…. but not forever.

The time has come to bridge these two experiences, to reclaim the unity of our individual self-identities with The All-That-Is, or in our analogy to build a connection between human experience inside and the Divine experience outside of the snow globe of our experience. When this connection is made we will be experiencing the state of Unity within Diversity which is our goal through this journey on planet earth; God consciousness within many individual life forms.

The initiative to build this connection with our higher consciousness comes from within us. It happens when we have fulfilled our need for this separate state and are ready to rejoin with our Higher Self. We then begin to wake up and remember who we really are and to become open to that unity. This experience is not relegated to any religious group or philosophy, it is open to people of all faiths and walks of life, experiences, and cultures because the seed of that unity is at the core of all of our beings. There is no particle of creation where it is not.

The experience of awakening to unity happens for each of us at our own time. There is an inner alarm clock that goes off and once it does, you are on your way. There is no stopping it. When it goes off, you begin to recognize the unique focus of truth within yourself, you find that ways in which you have not been true to yourself begin to be unacceptable to you and you stop caring what others may think. You begin following that inner pull of life that tells you step-by-step what you need to do.

This process has been happening in our world for quite some time, very gradually, but definitely until now we find the world changing rapidly. The change we are experiencing can be unsettling, but it is merely the dissolving of that field of separation which keeps uscontained within the snow ball of this life and keeps that higher consciousness on the outside looking in.

What you can do to make this process more peaceful and gentle is to go with the flow of this change. Embrace the change within yourself and our world and welcome the higher consciousness that is waiting just beyond the barrier to come through into your own life; to live right here within your every aspect of consciousness, right down to the life in every cell of your body.

The higher consciousness of life has so many names which try to allude to its true nature, and yet none of them can fully describe what it is. God, The Great Mystery, The Essence of Truth, The Higher Self, The Eternal Divine, The All-That-Is, The Creator, The Goddess, The Christ, The One, The Unity…the list goes on and all of them are elements of that presence which we seek to unify with. It exists like a seed within everything, but needs to be welcomed to join with us from above to create the unity within this life.

As a collective body of humans, we are building a bridge to connect that greater Self with the little self within our world and lives. If you focus on building that bridge and welcoming that unity, you will find it easier to adjust to the changes required at this time. You will find an awakening to peace and connection that sustains you through this journey and guides you to fulfill your truth.

The true seed of Divinity within every bit of your human self and soul, knows the truth of this and how to welcome that unity in. Your mind may tend to get in the way if you try to use it alone to build the bridge. Use instead your inner sense of truth. Pray or talk to The Higher Power (by whatever name you use) from deep within your feeling self, welcoming The Higher Unity to bridge and join with you and begin to heal and make sense of what is going on in your life. Do this in every moment that you remember to do so. Not just in your quiet time, but in the busy and crazy moments, when you feel stressed and when you feel happy.

The apparent division, as I said earlier is a temporary thing. It is a separation of your own consciousness, that which is above and that which is below is all you. However, your body and soul are just now becoming strong enough to build this connection which will allow you to find the inner unity you seek. Once that connection is in place, your Higher Self will know what to do to heal this world and make your life one in which you can find joy, peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Collectively on this planet, we are getting close to having this connection strong enough for things to shift into a much more positive experience. Right now, we are in the process of building that connection and it is a challenge sometimes to stay focused on what we are doing, as the old systems we have relied on give way around us. Whenever you find yourself distressed about how the world is, that is an opportunity to build the connection to The Higher Power. Welcome that One into the circumstances, to take charge of them and help us find the easiest way through this transition to the place we belong, in unity. Your welcome is like a stitch of thread, weaving God into the world, giving The Higher Power access to the world, to bring wholeness and restore unity between this little snow globe of a planet and The God Consciousness that has brought us all here.

Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension.,, 734 780-7635.


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