Baby Star Signs! Your Guide to Better Parenting is in the Stars!


Even if they don’t know a Sun sign from a stop sign, Chrissie Blaze’s guide to parenting by the stars will show the reader how to better understand and nurture their baby from newborn to toddler. Using the basic tools in Baby Star Signs, they will discover how their baby’s sign, accounts for his or her behavior. Instead of worrying about their baby’s quirks — and their parenting skills! — they will respond better to baby’s needs, know baby’s strengths and weaknesses, and help baby grow into the unique, loving child he or she is.

The zodiac will show the reader why:

* At bedtime – Pisces loves to be tucked in tightly, while Leo demands bedtime kisses form the whole family;
* At mealtime – Virgo prefers small morsels to big meals, while Sagittarius loves new tastes and flavors;
* During playtime – Taurus thrives in small groups of children, while Scorpio is slow to make new friends;
* To learn effectively – Gemini constantly asks questions, while Capricorn goes by the book;
* When setting limits – Libra prefers negotiation, while Aries requires discipline doused with humor;
* For comfort – Cancer likes lots of soothing hugs, while Aquarius would rather have a story.

Baby Star Signs is a wonderful contribution to the field of astrology in general and to parents who want to have a deeper understanding of their baby. Using astrology as a backdrop to our understanding enables a spiritual as well as practical appreciation for our baby’s soul and personality. Chrissie gives the reader the opportunity to look at their children, not as undeveloped, but as precious individuals, born with a full palette of qualities. The cute book is always there to offer creative tips to soothe or arouse curiosity in our toddler or infant! It’s a wonderful book! Zohara M. Hieronimus, Host of Future Talk, Nationally Syndicated Radio Program

Author Information: Chrissie Blaze is a professional astrologer, astrology columnist, published author, international speaker, and regular media guest. She has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television shows around the world, and conducted lectures and workshops on subjects from astrology to spiritual healing in the U.S. and U.K. She writes monthly horoscopes on her popular website




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