Massage the Fountain of Youth


Our bodies have a cellular garbage disposal system.  This system, which carries cellular debris and toxins away from our cells, is known as the lymphatic system and is a one way system. The lymph carries the toxic waste through lymph nodes where the waste is treated by our body’s defense mechanisms.  If our bodies are dealing with particularly toxic waste, our lymph nodes swell.  This is what doctors are looking for during examinations – swollen lymph nodes. The more flow we can induce in our lymph system the purer our bodies become.

European lymph drainage techniques greatly increase the volume of lymph through our bodies. The European lymph drainage techniques are very easy to learn and we can treat ourselves by increasing our lymph flow, or we can increase lymph flow for others i.e. children, partners friends etc.

Learning any technique to increase lymph flow is a fabulous compliment to any detox program. The purifying affects of European lymph drainage and the ever so gentle strokes and sweeps are a marvelous treatment for anyone suffering from fibromyalgia. The relaxing, flowing and rhythmical techniques of European lymph drainage also have tremendous affects on depression and anxiety.

The affects of toxic build up in our cells is directly attributed to the aging process. Our cells make carbon copies of themselves, and toxic damaged cells make more impaired cells. European lymph techniques keep you looking and feeling younger and are the best medicine for mental detox.
The most toxic energy we can put through our minds or bodies is the attitude of, “I’m not good enough.” Saying “yes” to yourself and taking care of yourself sends a wonderful, cleansing, rejuvenating energy through your whole system.  Couple this with the intentional caring energy of a trained professional massage therapist and you have the energetic environment to thrive in!

Most people today are in survival mode – they don’t realize how easy it is to tip the scales in their favor. The energy we radiate when we take care of ourselves is the energy we manifest with.  The energy we radiate when we deny ourselves manifests as a life of “just scraping by.”  When we take proper care of ourselves we demonstrate self respect and others will naturally respect us.  When we put ourselves last on our list others will also put us last.

Massage means you get to feel great, confident and physically energized – – and this newfound energy and confidence flows into every aspect of your life.  Saying “yes” to massage also saves you money.  A higher quality of health and attitude will energetically manifest a higher quality of life – it’s a universal law.

The benefits of massage include physically feeling good and mentally feeling calm and confident.  Detoxing the body can even reverse the symptoms the toxicity caused in the first place; in short, you begin to like yourself again. When you like yourself, you enjoy company and life becomes magical again.

I genuinely believe that we are designed to keep each other in optimal physical, mental and emotional health through massage.  I believe this can start in infancy and continue throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood via a continuous circle of love, acceptance and encouragement all conveyed through touch.  I think everyone would benefit incredibly from a massage lifestyle that radiates the energetic vibration of, “I want to thrive.”

At the “Balance, Clinical & Holistic Massage” we teach a full range of classes designed for self and partner care, which are ideal for parents with or without children, partners, couples, friends and massage enthusiasts alike. We want to educate and promote how massage lifestyles generate the energy to thrive and enjoy life.  It’s a very nice feeling to love yourself, and once you become accustomed to it you will realize that an attitude of self love is necessary to reach any authentic goal, dream or desire you set in your life.

Massage fosters homeostasis or balance between all the physical systems of the body and bolsters the emotional and mental energies of our bodies. If our bodies are our temples, then I dare say that massage is as much a spiritual experience as it is a physical, emotional or mental experience.



Aoghain Lakes

Massage Lifestyle Coach/ Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher ~ Energy Medicine Practitioner. Aoghain blogs on self care massage techniques on and writes about a variety of self care massage techniques as well as a monthly article here.  At The Balance Clinical and Holistic Massage Therapy our upcoming classes include; European lymph skin massage and a wide range of self care and partner classes. Contact him at: (248) 542-3073 or visit:


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