Santosha Yoga Offers Teacher Training Class


Have you ever thought of taking a yoga teacher training class?  Neither did I, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. I started practicing yoga over 12 years ago and was literally talked into the training from a friend that I met through yoga. She signed up for it and wanted me along for the ride. And what a ride it has been. In fact after my initial 200 hour training, I immediately followed it up with the 500 hour training.  I already experienced the benefits of what yoga had done for me, a better mother and wife, with a calmer mind and perspective on life in general.  The training just kicked all of this into high gear.

Yoga is for everyone and anyone can benefit from it.  You don’t need to be an athlete or a dancer to do, teach or enjoy yoga. In this course you will immerse yourself in the traditional practices of yoga. This program is a unique opportunity for sustained immersion in the ancient art/science of yoga which will lead you to a deeper awareness of yourself and the world.

Whether you are an aspiring yoga teach or a practitioner who wants to know more about the yoga tradition, this training will provide you with a unique structure in which to experience the vast benefits of yoga.

In this training you will learn about the inner and outer workings of yoga, how yoga really works, and the true essence of the meaning of yoga.  In the process, you will find and bring out the pure potential that we all have inside.  All of us at Santosha Yoga reinforce through our teaching that yoga is for everyone.

As the benefits of yoga are becoming more recognized, the opportunity and need for teachers increases.  Even if you don’t plan on teaching; the personal benefits of the teacher training program are plentiful.

Our course is registered with the Yoga Alliance, a nationally recognized organization. Teachers who meet the standards that are set forth by Yoga Alliance are eligible to register as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s). Being a part of this organization gives you more credibility as a yoga teacher.  We are also licensed, as required, with the State of Michigan as a proprietary school.

You will come away from this 20 week program with the knowledge of:
The inner and outer workings of yoga.
Master Patangali’s “Yoga Sutras.”
Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.
How to start & keep a meditation practice.
The Anatomy & Physiology of the yoga poses.
The types of Yoga & types of students.
How to teach & sequence a yoga class.
The principles & importance of alignment.
Personal Transformation
Merging Yoga Tradition and Science
Unlimited Yoga classes during training session

You will train with likeminded people, form lasting friendships and explore philosophy. Where does yoga really come from and why did it start? How can I be happier? If you like mulling over the deeper questions of life, you’ll love taking forays into yoga philosophy. You’ll be surprised by how little we’ve changed in 2000 years.

Take time for you. Take a breather from daily life. Give yourself the time to get reacquainted with who you really are, while investing in your health and growth. You love yoga. Has yoga made you happier and healthier? Learn more about your passion.

If you are interested in the training and want to know more about it please contact the studio so we can set up a time to talk.  Namaste.

Theresa May at Santosha Yoga, Phone: 586-949-5515 Web: Theresa started practicing yoga in 2001 as a way to deal with stress, and soon discovered that yoga brought contentment to every area of her life, both on and off the mat.  In October 2009, she opened Santosha Yoga which has been embraced by the community.  “Santosha” is a Sanskrit word for “contentment.”  Theresa has taken the 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings with Michael Johnson.


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