Meditation 1-2-3- Dancing?


Part of my spiritual fitness practice is meditation. I have been meditating for over 15 years but
was never really ‘aware’ until a few years ago. I’m sure if I asked ten holistic practitioners who
meditate regularly, I most likely would get ten different answers on how to meditate. I’ve read
my share of books on meditation and have come to the conclusion that like spirituality, there is no
wrong way to go about it if the intent is there. Some people can sit and meditate for hours, like
my co-host, Jon Moises on, “The Humble Warrior Podcast.” Some people can sit for 5-10 minutes who are
very spiritually enlightened people.

For me, this is always work in progress. What I do know is that I’m a moving meditator more
than a sit still meditator. For years, running was a form of meditation for me. I would run with
no music or gadgets, and I would concentrate on my breath even though my mouth was open
grasping for air. Running settled my mind; I would not even hear cars, dogs barking or people
talking as a ran when I was in that zone. My run would last 45 minutes and normally I would say
that I could get to that meditative state in the middle of the run, that would be anywhere from 15-20
minutes. Presently, I do daily yoga which is a form of moving meditation; I’m working on sitting
meditation daily for 5-15 minutes per day.

On March 14th on “The Humble Warrior Podcast” we interviewed Michael Patrick Peters, the
creator of “The Dance Meditation Technique”. Visit his website: I thought this would
be perfect for the Body Mind Spirit Guide readers along with the BMSG community. I have
attended one of Michael’s workshops and give it two thumbs up! We are so fortunate to have
this practice right here in our own backyard. I would recommend anyone who is looking for
something different to check out Michael’s website.

I would like to thank Penny Golden and all the staff at Body Mind Spirit Guide for supporting me

and “The Humble Warrior Podcast.”


Chris Forte


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