Messages on the Wind


March is here, bringing blustery fresh winds that make the trees dance, blow hair into our eyes, pull hats off heads, and let us know that spring is upon us! What messages are the winds carrying to us?

Strong winds sweep across our world, carrying people’s emotional and mental energies like waves of moods. As a healer, I use this as an opportunity to heal and clear negative states from the collective aura of humanity as they blow-by. When I do, this the winds almost always calm down. This is a phenomenal technique for calming hurricanes and tornadoes when I am permitted to do so. Sometimes windstorms just have to do their work, bringing vast change to certain regions, and nothing can be done to change that, and I am not allowed to help.

I want to fly a kite this month! Let my sail fly upon the wind to rise higher and higher on a blustery day, to ride the vast sky like a bird on a tether.

When I was a child, my father took me and a kite to our elementary school playground. He was so clever and funny… he used an old bamboo fishing pole with its fishing line as the kite string so we could easily wind the string back up using the reel! Can you imagine tiny me and stocky sweet Dad standing, holding a fishing pole pointing toward the sky for all to see and wonder what the heck we were doing– until they looked up far enough to see our kite!

He took a small piece of paper and wrote our home address on it. And making a tear from one side to the middle, he expanded the middle into a small hole, then hooked it onto the string. The wind sent it spinning up the line to the kite, which was way up in the sky. I’m not sure why he used our address that way, but I was impressed by how that tiny piece of paper was able to become airborne, yet safely attached to our kite string.

When I fly my kite this March, I wish I had an old bamboo fishing rod and reel! But I will have to use a normal kite string holder instead. I want to send messages up into the wind to carry love and blessings to the whole world. I don’t know how far the wind travels, whether it makes it all the way around the world or just around our continent. I googled this question and didn’t receive a clear answer. But I suspect that there is at least some mixing of air between the different currents and that eventually, the air in my wind will find its way all around the world.

I will write the words I LOVE YOU on one tiny piece of paper and send it up into the air to be born on the wind far and wide. On another, I will write I FORGIVE YOU AND ASK THAT YOU FORGIVE EVERYONE. I will write on a third BLESS THIS WORLD AND ALL WHO LIVE ON IT. I will ask the wind to carry these messages to all whose hearts and minds need to receive them. I will ask that they bless our world and help us allow love and forgiveness to be planted and grow in the soil of our lives.

What messages do you want to be born on the wind of our world? You don’t need a kite and tiny pieces of paper to send them. They can be born on the love of your heart and by the focus of your mind through the power of your desire. None of us are perfect. On any given day, we bless, and we curse, but we do our best. It is what we do by choice that has the greatest impact.

Love trumps curses, always. May the winds of life blow favorably for you, my friends, and may you find the love you desire and the forgiveness you need as close as your hearts and minds.


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