Ask-Believe and You Will Receive


Have you ever heard of the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Your thoughts and actions are being recorded continually within your subconscious mind. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, your emotions will reflect in your actions.

For example, saying to yourself, “I can never lose weight-I just look at food, and I gain 5 lbs.”

Guarantee your subconscious is recording this message, and you will not only continue to gain weight, but you will also feel defeated and live in negative thoughts about yourself.

However, if you say to yourself, “I am beautiful, I feel light, and with everything I eat, I am grateful for the nutrition and energy it gives me,” you will start to look at food and even yourself differently. You will eat only what you desire for energy and nutrition, but even if you eat something a bit naughty, you will smile and say, “I feel light and will enjoy with delight. ”

You will now enjoy what you are eating, and you can savor each bite and find you do not gain weight.

But, in the first example, you will have an angry relationship with food and not lose weight; in fact, you’ll most likely gain even when you deny yourself foods you like. The key to these two thoughts is attitude and expectations, which, of course, are being recorded in your subconscious mind.

This works with just about everything in your life.

If you live in fearful thoughts, you will attract negative experiences and very often feel unworthy to succeed or even become angry with life as things never seem to work as you wish. Example: I know my co-worker is going to get promoted–it is so unfair as I work harder than they do.
Positive Example: I know that I can handle the new promotion that is being offered. But if my co-worker receives it, I will be a good team player and support them. My opportunity and abundance are coming soon! As you see in these different ways of looking at the problem or situation before you, your outcome will be completely different as your subconscious records your wishes.

The Law of Abundance can be about money; however, it also can be about anything you desire in your life. You can, through your attitude, improve any area of your life. You can see yourself buying the house of your dreams, get promoted, or gain the job you desire. You can bring you a good relationship filled with love, and even improve your health. All you need is to figure out what’s blocking you from manifesting your wishes, hopes, and dreams. It may be fears that you can’t get the job you desire because you don’t have enough experience or education in the field you want to work in. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to realize your dream. I have told my clients that when things aren’t working out for you in the working world, hire yourself and make it happen.

The Law of Abundance is a universal law, just like the law of attraction. We are all connected to Divine Energy. To access this powerful energy, all you need to do is ask, believe, and then you will receive. This is why it is so important to get your thoughts into a positive vibration and ask for only what you truly desire. Example: “I always seem to attract loser relationships, what’s wrong with me?”

Guess what you will attract in your next relationship…!

Or another example: “I am ready for a loving and joyful person in my life.” Be ready for your perfect divine mate to enter into your life; however, if you continue to feel you have to live up to their expectations instead of your expectations of the relationship, your judgment may be clouded, and you may walk right past the right one for you and into the arms of the same relationship disappointment.

Thoughts are very important, and you need to pay attention to how you feel because what you think is what you are going to attract. You have the power to change the energy within yourself by deliberately redirecting your thoughts. Thoughts can definitely affect your mood and emotions. Instead of worrying about what you are thinking, be more mindful of your emotions. When you feel upset or depressed, choose another thought that may make you feel better. Each time you find yourself in a negative emotion, move your thoughts to a wish, hope, or dream that makes you happy. Now live the life you dream of!


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