Mindful Compassion Leads to Love


It’s great when we identify and transform our limiting belief patterns, go like gangbusters to raise our vibration, and become more mindful and loving. And then, something happens which seems to throw us back into our old patterns. As some clients put it, “I’m back to square one.”

Knowing that we always attract from God/Source what is in our divine interests, these experiences are what the Course in Miracles calls, “Holy Encounters.” Meaning, these encounters and our reactions to them allow us to realize where we can change in order to grow into our divine self. They are opportunities to be mindful of where our vibration is and the limiting thought patterns/programming that brought us there.

In recognizing and developing our connection with Divine Source, we start to pay more attention to our defenses by identifying the limiting thought patterns programmed into our biocomputer/brain, which have enabled us to survive childhoods that often felt unsafe and threatening to our very existence physically.

Once there is recognition that there is something greater than this physical existence, we allow for change to occur. We then begin to reframe limiting thoughts, transforming and rewriting our biocomputer programming.

Our vibrational quality starts to rise, our experience of life becomes more joyful, and we start to love our own Self. Sometimes, it can even feel “odd” or “uncomfortable” as some clients have commented. Fear of the unknown (another program) can also come into play. Limiting beliefs related to being unlovable can start shutting down our new, loving programming. This activates the EGO (Easing Out God) and our limiting defenses can reboot.

One such defense can be complacency. We become less aware, less mindful of our patterns of thoughts and actions and go right back into old, well-used programs of defense that no longer serve us. Or, possibly new ones that are in our biocomputer, just waiting to be used. Most programming begins with our parent’s behavior, so we might switch from acting from dad’s behavior to moms.

Another possible defense can be pride. Pride comes from the ego. So happy are we that we have changed our life that we fall into another trap of the ego. Pride is just another way of being separate from God/Source, judging ourselves to be better than others.

Being mindful and being love in the present moment, both for ourself and others, is extremely helpful. Practicing mindful compassion is also a tool for self-growth. With compassion, we are able to forgive ourselves for our mistakes when we are sidetracked from our inner growth, and forgive others when they trigger our old defenses.

Being mindfully compassionate allows us to experience and know ourselves,  and others as the divine beings of love that we are. Opening to the awareness of the divine flame within brings self-acceptance and love for ourselves and others.

We all make mistakes, yet the judgment-free acceptance of them opens the space for us to experience the divine, loving and joyful beings that we all are. We are all one in this human experience, so let’s do our best to raise the universal vibration of compassion and love!

Miche Lame’ MALLP


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