Looking in the Mirror


Have you ever looked in the mirror and not fully recognized who’s looking back at you? This phenomenon happens all too often. We live in a busy world, constantly on the go.  One of the games people play is multi-tasking or seeing how many things they can accomplish in a short amount of time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because if we can get things done quickly, we may be rewarded with more time to relax, which is an important part of being healthy. If you’re able to do this, odds are you will recognize the person in the mirror and say, “Wow, I like what I see!”  If not, you may want to check the game plan.
The first trick to having a happy life is being healthy, which should start when you’re a child.  Parents that insist on their kids eating healthy foods, not just what their kids won’t complain about, score big points in the game of life. Being a parent is not the same as being your child’s best friend. Don’t succumb to the whining your kids may do about foods. It’s part of their job to whine. If you love your kids, stay in charge.
Most parents don’t think twice about taking their kids to the medic to get a physical for school and sports. Parents should also make sure their children have a chiropractic check-up to insure the child’s ability to function well in both school and sports.  Good chiropractic care leads to strong healthy bodies, good bone structures, and functional nervous systems.
Healthier kids are easier on the parents than unhealthy kids. When your children become teenagers, and eventually adults, they will still be your kids. So, what you do now to keep them healthy will affect your future as well as theirs. From what I’ve seen, you don’t want cranky, sickly adult children telling you what to do when you’re in your 90’s!
To give your children the best chance at being healthy in body and mind with a balanced hormonal system, feed them a good diet, exercise, and make good health care a priority. The transition from childhood to adulthood can be awkward, and an imbalanced hormonal system makes it even more challenging.
When children grow into adults, their mood and attitude will be in part a result of how you cared for them. But kids should not blame their difficulties on their parents; they are their own beings and need to take responsibility for their choices and actions.
We were all kids once upon a time. Each new generation does its best at raising the next generation; we keep learning. We make things go as right as we can with the information available and we forge ahead.  People can waste a lot of time looking backwards, moaning and groaning, when that time could be better spent moving ahead.  Look in the mirror and say, “I did my best, now what?”
If you look in the mirror and the person you see is asking for help, don’t panic. Instead, look for a good health coach. I recommend a qualified Chiropractor since they are trained to work with the body using natural means rather than chemicals (drugs.) The chemicals may be needed if you waited too long and the body isn’t able to help itself.  A well trained doctor of chiropractic should be proficient in muscle testing or AK to help locate hard to find problems in your body, balance body systems, and assist in determining which foods are most beneficial for you. In our office, we utilize the cutting edge ZYTO computerized scanning instrument to help determine which organs are under stress and which whole food supplements will help your body achieve the highest level of function.
People who are already under preventative care tend to recover from injuries more quickly than those who wait until they’ve been injured. Timing is very important.  Those who receive care immediately following an injury, or soon after receiving emergency care, recover better and faster than those who wait weeks or months. The biggest problem with putting off care is that scar tissue begins to form. So don’t wait. Get checked when you are healthy so you can stay that way. It’s always better to stay healthy than recover from being sick.
I’ve had the privilege of seeing many miracles occur with patients throughout the past 30 years that I’ve been in practice. In my own life, I’ve experienced several amazing recoveries that normally would have required surgery or drugs, which I didn’t want or have. With proper chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise, I experienced full recovery.
The things we need to do to stay healthy are quite simple and enjoyable, such as an exercise program that is geared to our needs. When exercise is enjoyable, we’re more likely to continue. Eating healthy foods can also be enjoyable. Just make sure you include a balance of both raw and cooked foods so you don’t promote arthritis.  Regular check-ups from a holistic chiropractor are invaluable for putting together your healthy living program. Before you know it, you should be able to look in the mirror, see a much happier person, and be ready for a “WOW!”



Dr. William H. Karl, D.C.


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