Never Believe in Losing Yourself to Anything


Never Believe in Losing Yourself to Anything
By Karamjeet Kaur

My light in me was never lost, I realized. It was my old belief that assured me, I was lost. I’ve seen many deaths of close loved ones since I was young. Watching people dying and being gone in my life, is a very devastating experience. I felt that life was telling me that I am not worth being with the ones that I trusted and truly loved. My grandmother was the first person in my life who impacted my belief system. She preaches to believe in the love of divinity in myself. She emphasized to never doubt this truth in me. She knew I was thirsty for love. Grandma lead me to believe that the crust of goodness exists in me. She did her best.

No matter how many mistakes I’ve done, she never raised her hands to me. She explains the reason for this act is not acceptable. I grew up experiencing mental and emotional abuse in my family, and not being good enough. I used to lock myself in the room when I faced these negative moments. I used to beat and slap myself, even pulling my hair, blaming myself for being stupid and unworthy. I was always being criticized for my mistakes. I hated being with people who enjoyed looking for faults in me. This was my experience for the first 23 years of my life. These episodes created ugly belief systems in me.

My grandmother helped me understand myself and situations through her examples. Unfortunately, I was becoming like the people who treated me negatively. I was becoming a negative critical thinker. Looking for fault in myself and others. Naturally, I started hating myself. Like every woman, I grew up having dreams but my belief system blocked them. Life was becoming too hard to pull through. Suddenly, thoughts of committing suicide started appearing in my mind, especially during my first marriage separation. It was not the marriage that made me so devastated; it was the influence of not being good enough. Thank you to the Universe, I was saved by the bell of Divine Love.

After walking through a number of traumas, I learned those thoughts and allowing the wrong influences can be threatening. I am very blessed in turning around my life with self-love and changing my thoughts to believe in me. Now, I am thankful that I can reach out to people who have similar experiences, and can help them reorganize their self-love and self-worth. It begins with thoughts as well as feelings about themselves. Self-love helps them to feel and appreciate the loving side of life. Everyone has different impacts growing-up. The environmental factors play a very important role in the beginning years of human beings. The environment effects supports in designing the mental and emotional aspect of human beings based on senses.

The growing-up matter is highly crucial in the development of good beliefs and feelings. This impacts the overall development of body, mind and soul connection. Everyone goes through phases in life. Generally, they do come to a stage of being stuck to move on because of belief systems. Sometimes they try to change their way in order to achieve their aim. Along the way, they get caught up being in relationships that pull them back into the same circle of experiences. It gets tougher when they allow themselves to believe outside influences. It is such a strong impact that creates high volume suicide cases today.

In the years of practicing loving and uplifting myself, I do many things to change within. I keep working further in creating good alignment within. I became better and keep being better. I know now that I was not bad but was being judged wrongly. I allowed myself to be judged wrongly. Sometimes to create acceptance and respect takes a great deal of time and effort. It can be a difficult part of learning and accepting. Practice makes perfect. Nevertheless, in loving myself as I experience these moments, I do not allow such beliefs to resurface again in me. I keep repeating that I love myself unconditionally. I quickly switch my thoughts to good things and good feelings. This slowly allows me to align my self-love within.

In the last 15 years of practice, I have been sharing about the importance of self-love. We’ve been led to believe we are not perfect. This generates many negative emotions that create feelings of lack. As this becomes a patterns in our growing up, we create further boundaries in our mind. We have forgotten that we are a positive personality and are in charge to create our destiny. The dependency to prove and being influenced by others creates a gap — a big gap to accept that we are responsible for every decision, act and feelings we generate.

I know most of you go through the day not believing you are good enough. In fact with any good belief, it seems difficult for anyone to accept the truth about it. Competition becomes so called “healthy”, and have a negative impact. Disharmony begins to flow because everyone is eyeing the top ladder. Here we cheer the winner but we continue to create low self esteem personalities. A belief has firmly been created that there is only one person that can be a winner — not everyone. Have we ever given a thought that the best is in everyone and everyone is a winner?

I believe it’s time to believe each of us is talented. Every talent is given to create happiness for self and others. This happiness is not based on competition of being the best influence but as cohesiveness among ourselves. As a new belief is suggested, that is when we are best at what we are. I am very sure more acceptance of being who we are becomes easy and love-able.

Let’s work on never letting yourself down by others’ opinions or actions. You are the one who has the power to believe in yourself. I always tell myself, “Nothing is permanent in life.” Therefore, I learn to be open and receptive on the direction that I flow. Opinions in any matter is about belief. Before you agree to accept any belief that comes your way, feel in your heart. Does this make sense and bring harmony to you with others around you? If you keep practising this simple question, you have begun to love yourself more and create harmony around you. You are making tiny changes in the world by loving yourself. You will start to recognize and believe that life is not hard. You can make that choice on creating the life you want. You’ve got WHAT IT TAKES!

Blessings and love, Karamjeet Kaur, MBA (HRM), Author, Self Love Specialist Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur. Visit:


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