New Name and Location for the 6th Annual Holistic & Psychic Expo


The Sixth Annual Spring Holistic Expo hosted by Intuitives Interactive is now called the “Enlightened Soul Expo.” The event, which takes place from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., April 28, and 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., April 29, was renamed for its parent organization, the Enlightened Soul Center of Ann Arbor.

In addition, the Expo has moved from Eastern Michigan University to the new Skyline High School, on the outskirts of northwest Ann Arbor. “This move to a larger location allows us to accommodate more vendors,” said Senior Show Director, Amy Garber. “The area is high-ceilinged, light-filled, and beautiful, with convenient parking next to the building.”

Another implementation is the support of the charity, GRACE Greyhound Rescue of Belleville. For every ticket purchased, 10 percent will be donated. GRACE stands for Greyhound Retirement, Adoption, Care, and Education for the former racing dogs. (For more info, see ) The Expo is the largest indoor event of its kind in Michigan, with over 130 vendors, readers, and bodyworkers from around the Midwest. Highlights include:

READINGS — Low rates allow you to sample a variety of readers in our exclusive Reader Rooms (with Concierge Service and no interruptions). Along with the usual Mediums, Psychics, Tarot & Angel Card Readers, and Intuitive & Channeled Readings, there are a wide variety of SPECIALTY READINGS: Demonologist/Ghost Hunter, Astrology, Pet Communicator, Chinese Face Reading, Heart Healing, Shamanic Stone Bowl readings, Akashic Record Readings, Palm Reading, Past Lives, and Numerology.

VENDOR PRODUCTS & SERVICES — All in one location for easy exploration. Aura photography, candles, pyramids, crystals & stones, jewelry, sound-healing CDs, handmade wands and flutes, henna art, essential oils, singing bowls & tuning forks, incense & smudge sticks, Himalayan salt lamps, Native American items, clothing & T-shirts, and other holistic & metaphysical products!

BODYWORK & ENERGY WORK — Sessions with bodyworkers at affordable introductory fees, such as: Reiki of all types, John of God Crystal Light Bed, intuitive healing, medical intuition, chiropractic, ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness, BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation), Amethyst Biomat and light beds, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Shifting, Polarity Therapy, foot & chair massage, chakra balancing, and other body and energy work!

HEALTH-ORIENTED OFFERINGS — Natural and organic supplements, herbal bath, body, & home products, arthritis tea, nanotechnology insoles, seed-infused & emu oils, DNA-swab health analysis…and more!

There will be nine presentations over the weekend, free with Expo admission:

Saturday, April 28

11:00am–12:00pm: Camille Procassini, Gallery Reading

12:30–1:30pm: Dave Wattenberg, “Feel the Vibration: An Introduction to Feeling Energy Fields”

2:00–3:00pm: Lisa Bousson, Gallery Reading

3:30–4:30pm: Merri Walters, Flower Essences: Nature’s Powerful Healing Gift

5:00–6:00pm: Adrianna Lesniak, Gallery Reading

Sunday, April 29

11:30–12:30pm: Laura Moody, Gallery Reading

1:00–2:00pm: RA Moonhawk, The History, and Use of Magic/ Healing Wands

2:30–3:30pm: Lori Barresi, Introduction to Meditation: Whether You Have Been Meditating 20 Years or the First Time

4:00–5:00pm: Elizabeth Brown, Gallery Reading

The Expo is co-sponsored by Body Mind Spirit Guide, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room, Fresh Thyme-Ypsilanti, and the Enlightened Soul Center.

The 6th Annual “Spring Enlightened Soul Expo” takes place Saturday–Sunday, April 28–29, 2018, at Skyline High School, 2552 N. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor. FREE parking. Admission is $10 advance daily ticket $15 advance weekend pass, $8 advance college student daily, $5 children 5–12.


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