One light, One power, One presence.


God is all and everywhere. We are this light, this love, and this holy union of God. We are created in God’s image: not as hands or eyes or feet, but as an energy and essence of God.  Who you truly are, your true identity is that of greatness, love spirit and joy.  Your divinity is desperate to express through you as only YOU can.

There is no darkness only the illusion that God cannot exist in all places.  God cannot be compartmentalized, contained or owned by a specific individual or religion. God is everything and everyone. No one person has the only path to God.  You are God; you are the power of the divine.  Why give the keys to your happiness to another?  No one person has greater power to connect to God than You do.  We are all the same, and all equal.  God has no hierarchy.  Unconditional love is exactly that: unconditional. God is an unconditional presence that loves all people, all things equally.  There is not a way to earn this love. 

There is no way to fight for this love.  It is already here.  This love is waiting patiently for us to remember its presence.  God is here in all our situations and all our troubles waiting for us to change our mind, let go of our limited beliefs and accept this unconditionally loving energy into ourselves. Why wait? 

We must let go of our clinging to the darkness.  We must let go of our grasping to our pain.  Painful things happen to all people. You haven’t done anything wrong nor are you being punished.  Your pain is only the absence of light. Your pain is only an absence of love.  Become willing to face your pain.  By your willingness, you ‘walk’ to the place you have always been. While you face the pain, be still, be very still.  Then the light of the unconditional loving energy of God will fill the pain with light.   The darkness doesn’t need to be fixed, fought and reasoned with.  It NEEDS the light to fill in the space.  The darkness of fear and worry, only need you to stand still with them and let God fill in the cracks and erase their reality.
Only love is real. Only God is real.  The illusion of lack and limitation is not real. Our mind has created a fairy tale that God has an opposite. This fairy tale grips us and causes us to worry about money, health, and our worthiness. 

Fear and pain do not need us to fix them. They do not need to be reasoned with, fought against or have some expert make them go away.  The darkness (fear and pain) just needs the light of God to surround it.  This is done by: a willingness to receive love and a willingness to bring God to yourself and to your pains.  Bring light and love to your emotional, physical, or mental pains.  Do not try to perfect your fears, body, or thoughts; just let the light of God redeem them.  There is no switch on the wall that can make darkness fill a room, only a light switch.  A lit candle cannot be overcome by darkness, which is only the absence of light and not real unto itself.  A lower frequency must rise to meet a higher.  Physics shows us that when a higher frequency encounters a lower, the lower must rise. The candle’s light must rise up darkness, and God’s light will rise up your pains.

Bringing self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance to your pain brings the higher frequency of God to the pain.  Trying to rationalize why you have the illness, why the past happened the way it did, or why you are feeling the way you do, is only trying to find the light IN the darkness. Don’t bring questions to your discomfort; this is trying to find the health in the cancer or the solution IN the problem. Bring love and God to your discomforts & they go away. 

Another way of explaining this is to say: Bring light to the ego. Ego is the belief in separation.  Emotional pain, and physical pain are the products of this belief in separation.  But the ego is only just that: a belief.  Bring God to the pain, bring light to whatever is your discomfort, and then the ego has no foundation.

God is right here, and right now, not just on Sundays, in a church, in a book, or in a specific place.   God is in YOUR HEART, surrounding you, above you, below you, in every thought, in every occurrence and in every moment.  The great blessing is that it only takes your willingness to put God at the forefront of all your thoughts, for love and joy to become your reality.  God is unconditional love and this must start with your willingness to receive it for yourself.  It is waiting for you to receive it, and can happen in this moment.

Your joy, your happiness is right here, right now.  Let go of what must change for you to be happy.  Be happy now, feel God now, and then your life will change.  Deep breathe daily, setting the intent to breathe in God on each in breath.  Breathe consistently in and out without any pauses.  Each breath is your personal declaration to bring God, love, and joy into your body, mind and life.  Fifteen minutes of breathing a day for even just a short week will change your life.  I know it has changed mine.

To remember your spirit, stare in a mirror at the space between your eyes and say the word YOU three times. Draw out the O and U for ten seconds, like YOOOUUUUUUUUUU.  This technique begins to re-define what is you.  We are human and God, but not separate, unified as ONE.  The dual nature of our ‘humanness’ and our ‘Godliness’ is not the truth and is the ultimate lie we tell ourselves.  We are ONE with our divinity, we are One with God.  As you say “YOU” in the mirror you are telling the ‘I’ that it is the presence of God.  The word UNION put backwards means ‘NO I in U.  The separate ‘I’ we have created in our minds is not real, because we are ONE with God.  The ‘I’ we reference in our thoughts and speech is in union with God.

When you say the statement ‘I surrender’, it is not that you are surrendering anything real.  You are only surrendering your perception that you are separate from God.  When you say ‘I surrender’, you are surrendering the ‘I’ so that you may become the YOU.  

God knows everything about you and loves you no matter what.  You cannot be separate from this love because it is the core of who you are.  Thinking of yourself as unlovable is like a lion pretending to be a mouse.  In this analogy; if a lion could talk and it said “I wish I was a lion. I wish I could be a big cat. I wish I could roar”.  You would consider this lion to be insane. This is the same with us.  Your lovability, your worthiness is already within you and cannot go away.  Your unique talents and gifts are within you and are just waiting for you to discover them.  You are the lion, but you can pretend to be the mouse; that is ok. But eventually your greatness and your spirit will win.  Your light, your divinity is the reality of who you are and will erase any perceived “mouse-ness”.

Rev. Barbra White B.S., D.hom

Rev. Barbra is a revolutionary spiritual teacher and Self-Acceptance healer; dedicating her life to leading others to lead themselves Come to a workshop or schedule a transformational Self-Acceptance Transformational Session, with Barbra; if you are ready to live in greater joy and shine your light!  Call: Self Acceptance Transformation, Leap Healing 734-455-1438 or at Accepted        


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